FS1 Analyst Responds to O’Shea Jackson Jr. Calling Him Out

Getty O'Shea Jackson Jr. In Toronto for Toronto International Film Festival

On Wednesday night, Just Mercy star O’Shea Jackson Jr. responded to Clippers coach Doc Rivers‘ comment that he didn’t know of Jackson.

“Who? That’s the point. Nah, everyone has their opinion on that. We have no problem with that we belong where we are. My mom always said you are where you’re supposed to be. We’re right where we’re supposed to be,” Rivers stated.

Jackson tweeted back:

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Marcellus Wiley Responds To O’Shea Jackson Jr.

It is well documented that FS1 [Fox Sports 1] analyst Marcellus Wiley is a die-hard Los Angeles Clippers fan. Jackson mentioned Wiley in his Twitter response to Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, promising to “be as annoying” as Wiley is cheering for the Clippers.

Wiley responded to Jackson, tweeting, “‘Who is O’Shea Jackson Jr.???’ Doc Rivers is cold for that one. He ain’t nothing but a Faker Fan. Another damn historian.”

Jackson’s father Ice Cube also chimed in with the message to Wiley, “Watch ya mouth you Zipper fan!!!”

Wiley Thinks It Was A Mistake For Patriots To Trade Jimmy Garoppolo

Earlier this week on FS1’s Speak For Yourself, Marcellus Wiley revealed that he feels the Patriots will regret choosing Brady over Jimmy Garoppolo.

They certainly regret it. You gotta remember that what was going on was really interesting if you dive into the details. Don Yee represented Jimmy G and Tom Brady. So not only did he hear both sides of the conversation in regards to Tom Brady, but he heard it in regards to Jimmy G. Remember when they offered him that low-ball extension to keep Jimmy G comfortable while they rode Tom Brady out? But what did Brady end up doing? Brady won an MVP then had the greatest comeback and Jimmy G and his agent realized we gotta get something for this guy because we don’t know when the end is in sight in terms of Tom Brady. But Bill Belichick saw it. His successor was Jimmy G, but he was outmanned because Don Yee also consults for Bob Kraft. That’s three on one. So Belichick is sitting there like, “Can we keep focus on the field?” Tom Brady is amazing in accomplishment but in terms of 1-on-1 competition, I’m not sure if he’s going to beat out Jimmy G in a couple years. They just really suffered from bad timing because they tried to keep Jimmy G comfortable until this moment came but they couldn’t.

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