Former Laker Julius Randle Has Strong Reaction to Kobe Bryant’s Death

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Getty Former Los Angeles Lakers Julius Randle & Kobe Bryant.

Based on the outpouring of emotions of thousands, it’s clear that Kobe Bryant had a massive impact on the sports world. His untimely death will go down as one of the most shocking moments in history and there’s still many who have yet to fully process the news. Throughout his career, Kobe influenced many young teammates. While he was as intense as they come, his drive inspired many to be great.

Julius Randle was a Los Angeles Laker for four seasons and a couple of those were spent with Kobe. Though he grew up in Dallas, Texas and now plays for the New York Knicks, he never stopped idolizing the “Black Mamba.” He took to social media to give a beautiful tribute to the legend.

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Often times growing up ppl would ask me how are you from Dallas but a laker/Kobe fan. Funny story, but growing and spending time with my granny, we didn’t have cable. Probably 6 or 7 channels to watch on tv and if it was one thing for certain, Kobe and the lakers would be playing on one of those few channels. Losing you and her recently just doesn’t feel right to me. A lot doesn’t add up. My mom put the ball in my hands, but you are the reason I fell in love with the game. Even as a little kid, anytime I watched you I could tell the difference between you and the competition. Not just with your skill, but your approach was different. How you played and the love you had for the game was obvious to me. From that point on all I ever wanted to do was be like you. You set the bar for me. You inspired me all throughout my childhood and adulthood. Fast forward to being drafted by the Lakers and having the chance to share the court with. Really made me realize how crazy life is. I watched your every move those years. How you worked, how you prepared, how much you cared. It was everything and more i thought it would be when I idolized you when I was young kid at my granny’s house. Idol to teammate to mentor and everything else. Anytime I called you answered. Anytime I wanted to work you were available even though it was at 430/5am lol. I got a million stories I could tell. I’ll cherish them and save em to tell lil man when he gets older. Long story long man you inspired me more than I probably ever really let you know. A lot of this stuff doesn’t make sense and probably never will so I put that in Gods hands. Just know the mark you made here will live forever! You and baby girl GIGI rest easy. Prayers to Vanessa, Natalia, Bianka, Capri, and all families involved. Love always big bro! KB8/24

A post shared by Julius Randle (@juliusrandle30) on Jan 28, 2020 at 9:23am PST

It might seem strange to non-sports fans that an athlete could change somebody’s life, but that’s what Kobe did for many. Just like Michael Jordan before him and LeBron James after him, Kobe’s influence will last far longer than his playing career.

Lou Williams Tells Amazing Kobe Story

It’s well-publicized that Kobe Bryant was a winner through and through. Sometimes to a fault. He would not accept losing and he had to go through some very tough years over his 20-year career. Five championships were never enough for him and even he admitted that he had a hard time accepting that he never won a sixth.

Towards the end of his career, the Lakers fell off quite a bit. He never stopped pushing for greatness. Lou Williams was one of his teammates during that time and he recounted an amazing Kobe story after a loss to Portland.

Kobe was the ultimate competitor and losing was too much for him. It even got so bad at a point that he requested a trade. Fortunately, that got fixed really quickly and the Lakers got back to their winning ways shortly after.

Even though days have passed since the news broke, it’s still hard for many to cope with the idea that Kobe Bryant is gone. Williams encapsulated how many who knew him likely feel right now.

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Kevin Durant Breaks Silence

Kevin Durant was among the NBA stars who didn’t issue an immediate response, but he’s finally broken his silence.

“It is hard to comprehend all of this. Just having those moments with Kobe, it was always about pressing forward and at this time it is so hard to do,” Durant said, via Malika Andrews. “It is hard to keep going right now… I know we are all just mourning…. One thing I learned from being around Kobe was being yourself — Being comfortable with how I played. I never wanted to be like Kobe, but I wanted to have that laser focus. Nothing was getting in the way of what I wanted to do on the floor. That was the mamba mentality.”

Kobe was already a legendary figure within Los Angeles and the NBA. It’s not easy to get over the death of someone who meant so much to an entire city.

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