Epic Drone Footage of Raiders’ Las Vegas Stadium Revealed [WATCH]

Las Vegas Strip Exteriors

Getty Ariel Image of Las Vegas Strip.

As construction gets closer and closer to completion, the world is getting a better look at the Raiders‘ stadium in Las Vegas. It’s been quite a long time since the Raiders got a new stadium and it’s clear that Mark Davis has gone all out on Allegiant Stadium. If the team had to share a Los Angeles stadium with the Rams or Chargers, there’s no way it would be as personalized to any one team.

With the decision to move to Las Vegas by themselves, Davis and company were able to construct a stadium that is clearly meant to be the home of the Raiders.

New Footage Revealed of Allegiant Stadium

One thing every Raider fan can get behind is that Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas is certainly going to be the perfect place to showcase the silver and black. FOX 5 in Las Vegas took an ariel video of the stadium in relation to the strip and it’s an impressive sight.

Allegiant Stadium is just across the freeway from the Strip and some of the most notable tourist attractions in Las Vegas. The Luxor Hotel & Casino is easily visible from the stadium, as are other famous hotels and casinos.

With the Raiders in such close proximity to the Strip, it’s hard not to imagine the team will become a tourist attraction. Fortunately, the silver and black have one of the most loyal fan bases around. Thousands of Los Angeles based fans consistently would make the trek up to Oakland for games and Las Vegas is even closer for those fans. Things are bound to be much different than they were in Oakland when attending Raider games, but it should mostly be for the better.

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Allegiant Stadium Set to Have Best WiFi in the World

If you’re the type of person that likes to always have internet connection then you’re going to love Allegiant Stadium. According to Fox Business, the stadium will have the best internet connection out of any stadium in the world:

In partnership with Cox Communications, Allegiant Stadium will feature high-speed internet access with 1,700 WiFi access points, 227 miles of fiber and copper connectivity and 2,200 Cisco Vision screens and signs throughout the venue. The stadium is 1.75 million square feet and will allow 65,000 fans to attend and connect.

Considering the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum wasn’t known for having great internet connection, this is a very promising update for Raiders fans.

“Today, it’s all about broadband,” Pat Esser of Cox Communications said, via Fox Business. “People want [to be] connected. They want to share their experience and I’m sure there are incredible things the Raiders are going to bring to this stadium to share with their fans. But you’re going to have a very unique fan experience when you’re here.”

Obviously, the point of going to a game is to enjoy the experience in real life, but having the ability to access the internet is always a positive.

“I think [Allegiant Stadium] underscores the point that Las Vegas is the entertainment business and now the sports capital of America,” Esser said.

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