UFC’s Colby Covington Blasts Rapper 50 Cent, Issues Challenge

Colby Covington and 50 Cent

Getty Colby Covington and 50 Cent

For the first time since his loss to UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru UsmanColby “Chaos” Covington has spoken about his loss. Chaos was featured on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, and during the interview, he brought up his issue with the Grammy winner and rapper 50 Cent.

The conversation about 50 Cent started when Helwani asked Covington to confirm if he broke his jaw in his fight against Usman. Covington told Helwani that he didn’t break his jaw, and the only person “that’s gotten their jaw wired shut is 50 Cent. If you want to talk about people who had to get their jaw wired shut, let’s go talk about 50 Cent.”

Chaos continues about the rapper, “[50 Cent] says ‘Oh, I got shot nine times.’ If he got shot one time by me, he wouldn’t get back up. 50 Cent’s a little b**ch.”

Helwani then asks Covington to clarify his beef with 50 Cent. Chaos says, “[50 Cent] came out after the fight, and he was talking mad crap on me. He was just saying all this stuff about me, talking all this smack.”

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50 Cent Posted on Social Media After Covington Lost to Usman at UFC 245

50 Cent posted to Instagram a few days after UFC 245, which took place on December 14.

In the post caption, the rapper took a shot at Covington’s perceived broken jaw by saying, “[W]ell look at the bright side, you won’t say the wrong thing or anything. For the next 6 weeks.”

The text in the image says, “Before the fight, he promised to present the championship belt to Donald Trump and mocked his adversary’s African heritage, asking: ‘What has his family ever done for America beside serve in the Federal penitentiary.’ Enjoy the broken jaw, you racist piece of s**t.”

Chaos Covington Issues 50 Cent a Boxing Challenge

During the interview, Covington tells Helwani that he has an idea of how the two can settle their beef.

Chaos says, “I want to propose here on Ariel Helwani’s show today I want to do a celebrity boxing match. I’m gonna tie one hand behind my back, and I’m gonna fight 50 Cent. I’m gonna put up a million of my dollars, and I wanna fight 50 Cent in a celebrity boxing match. And I’m gonna donate all my money to the troops because I love the troops so much.”

When the journalist asks Covington which hand he’ll tie behind his back, he says, “I’m going to tie my left hand behind my back or my right hand. He can pick which one, it really doesn’t matter because both are lethal. We’ve got Bugattis on both knuckles. So I’ll let him pick which hand he wants to put behind my back.”

50 Cent has yet to respond to Chaos’ challenge or comments.

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