Old Footage Causes Doubts of Deontay Wilder’s Costume Explanation [WATCH]

Deontay Wilder

Getty Deontay Wilder enters the ring for his bout with Tyson Fury.

A clip of a podcast Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder was on a few years ago has caused some fans to be skeptical of his explanation for why he lost to Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury on February 22. A few days after his loss to Fury, Wilder came out to say that the weight of his ring-walk costume caused his legs to fatigue before the bout with Fury started.

The Bronze Bomber lost to Fury by seventh-round TKO after his corner threw in the towel. Wilder was dominated for most of the bout and he was dropped multiple times.

Some believe that the following video refutes Wilder’s claim that his costume was the main reason he lost to the Gypsy King. The video is a clip from Wilder’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience back in December of 2018. In the video, he tells Joe Rogan that he wears a 45-pound training vest when he exercises. Here is the clip:

Deontay Wilder confirms that he trains with 45 pound vest to activate "twitch muscles"Deontay Wilder appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcast in December 2018 and mentioned that he trains with a 45 pound vest to activate his fast "twitch muscles." Wilder's excuse for losing to Tyson Fury in their 2nd fight was his pre-fight costume that he said weighed 40 pounds.2020-02-26T20:51:02.000Z

In the video, Wilder says, “We want to activate the fast twitch muscles. We do everything with rapid speed. If I’m doing anything [that] consists of me moving my feet it’s sprinting. I wear a 45-pound vest on me as well to all my exercises and everything that I do and have that extra weight on me.”

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The Clip Is From 2018 & It Is Unclear if Wilder Did This Kind of Training Before His Tyson Fury Rematch

It has not yet been confirmed if Wilder trained with a 45-pound vest during his training camp for the Fury fight. Also, wearing a weight vest while training may have different physical consequences then during a live walk out.

Deontay Wilder has yet to comment on the resurgence of this clip.

Lennox Lewis Commented on Deontay Wilder’s Ring-Walk Explanation

Boxing legend Lennox Lewis was asked on Twitter for his thoughts on Deontay Wilder’s claim that his walk-out suit caused his legs to tire before his rematch with Fury.

“Winning and losing are like two sides of the same coin,” Lewis answered. You have to be able to accept both. If [you] accept one, [you] have to accept the other in the same way. The same way you win gracefully, you have to lose gracefully.”

Wilder has expressed to the media that he plans on exercising the rematch clause in his contract. If that is the case, fans can likely expect a trilogy match between the two boxers later this year.

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