Fighter Earns KO With Vicious Spinning Elbow & Flying Knee [WATCH]

Karim Benalia

Facebook Karim Benalia knocks out Seagames at Muay Thai Super Champ on February 23.

During a Channel 8 Muay Thai Super Champ event, a fighter landed two devstating blows to end a match in the first round. The devastating Muay Thai fighter was Karim Benalia from France, and the man on the receiving end of Benalia’s ruthless strikes was a Thai competitor known as Seagames. The match took place place in Bangkok, Thailand.

First, Benalia landed a powerful spinning elbow by seamlessly setting it up with a roundhouse kick. Seagames was dropped by the elbow, but he was able to continue after his standing eight count. Benalia instantly got back to work, and landed a wicked flying knee, knocking the Thai fighter out and ending the match.

Here is a clip of the knockout, courtesy of Beyond Kickboxing:

Karim Benalia was declared winner by knockout in the first round.

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A Video of an Amazing Save by a Muay Thai Referee Went Viral Last Week

The combat sports community celebrated the outstanding work of a Muay Thai referee last week. During a Muay Hardcore event, referee Sittichai Ineiad jumped into action when a Muay Thai fighter named Neymar Paeminburee was knocked out.

Paeminburee was hit with two powerful elbows by So Sovarathana, with the second one putting him to sleep. The fighter fell backwards, but just before his head hit the canvas, the referee rushed to stop the back of his head from hitting the ground.

To do this, Ineiad had to dive to catch Paeminburee’s head. He was successful, and the Muay Thai fighter was saved from incurring any more damage. The video of Ineiad diving to catch Paeminburee went viral, and you can click here to watch it.

Many UFC Greats Have a Background in Muay Thai

Some of the best fighters to ever grace the Octagon have trained Muay Thai extensively. One of those fighters is former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva trained Muay Thai ever since he was a youth, and he won the UFC middleweight belt by working an effective Muay Thai clinch along with devastating knees to then-champ Rich Franklin.

Another successful Muay Thai fighter is UFC Flyweight Champion Valentina “Bullet” Shevchenko. She has a long history of Muay Thai competition, and Bullet has won multiple world championships in the martial art.

One of the best strikers to ever fight in the promotion is Edson Barboza. He is a man known for his superior technique and power, with 12 of his 20 wins coming via KO or TKO.

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