Martha Stewart Felt “Cheated On” From Her Box Seat View of the Halftime Show

Martha Stewart

Getty Martha Stewart at SiriusXM.

On Sunday Martha Stewart watched the NFL Super Bowl LIV from her box seats that are said to be the “best seat in the house,” but Ms. Martha was slightly disappointed when she turned on her TV later.

She posted on Instagram a group of blurry photos of her view of the halftime show and announced how disappointed she was with it:

“I was in a box at the big game and this is what I saw of the half time extravaganza with @shakira and @jlo When I looked later at what most of the world saw I felt a bit cheated!!! Tv was much much better!”

Clearly, Stewart was a big fan of the halftime show, unlike others who have been debating that the performance was “gross and indecent” and completely going against the #metoo movement.

According to their choreographers, J.Lo and Shakira weren’t just trying to be “sexy”, there were actually meaningful messages behind their dances.

To start, they were the first Latinos to headline during the halftime show of America’s most-watched event of the year, the Super Bowl. Both women embraced their heritage and woman power throughout the entire performance.

Some Key Moments

Shakira did what Shakira does best, she shook her hips and belly-danced which is a part of her Latin and Lebanese culture. Yes, the tongue thing was a part of her culture too.

Near the end of the performance, J.Lo wore a custom Versace feathered coat designed to look like the Puerto Rican flag on one side and an American flag on the other. J.Lo’s 11-year-old daughter, Emme Muñiz shared the stage with her mom at this moment. She and several other young singers appeared on stage in cage-like structures to “Born in the USA” and “Let’s Get Loud.”

Some thought this moment had to do with Trump in office and the U.S. border, but J.Lo’s chorographer, Tabitha Dumo confirmed it was still a moment celebrating America and everything it has to offer.

“Someone can put you in cages or you can put yourself in cages,” Tabitha told BuzzFeed, “so it’s a bigger statement to everyone to see your own potential and not feel limited in this life that we have that’s so special here in this country.”

The Simple Meaning

The other chorographer and husband, Napoleon Dumo believed the meaning behind the performance had a much simpler meaning behind it:

“It’s that two women can come to a very strong men’s event and get a standing ovation in an audience that’s there to see a football game. I witnessed it myself. Every guy stood up and put their hands up like there was a touchdown. It goes to show that entertainment at the Super Bowl can come in many forms.”

At the end of the day here is what happened, two empowering Latin women joined forces on a stage in front of millions and proved that women are incredible beings and need to embrace it and not back down to men.

But all of this debate on whether or not the Super Bowl LIV halftime show starring J.Lo and Shakira was “appropriate” is officially settled because Marth Stewart, one of the greatest cooks in America, loved it, even more, the second time.

And if you didn’t like it, there is a button on your clicker that changes the channel.

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