Memo to Seahawks: Pay Jadeveon Clowney

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Getty Jadeveon Clowney's future is the biggest topic of the Seahawks' offseason.

I have a confession to make, I am a TJ Maxx guy. This is an admittedly odd way to start discussing Jadeveon Clowney’s free agency, but it will make sense. My wife and I have a different approach when it comes to purchasing items. I would prefer to buy 80 shirts at a place like TJ Maxx, while my wife believes that buying a higher-quality shirt from a reputable brand is a better long-term purchase, even if it comes with a much higher price tag.

All this brings us to Clowney and the need for the Seahawks to pay the pass rusher. The Seahawks under GM John Schneider are known for sitting back as free agency starts and finding bargains towards the end of the process. This is a great strategy, and we have seen the Seahawks already go bargain shopping with almost an entirely new offensive line. There does come a time when it is better to head to Texas de Brazil and pass on Golden Corral.

The hang-up between Clowney and the Seahawks is $1.5 million which is a lot of money. For an NFL team with Super Bowl aspirations, this is a drop in the bucket. Sports Illustrated’s Corbin Smith reported that the Seahawks have a multi-year deal on the table to Clowney with an annual salary of $18.5 million. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported that Clowney wants a contract with a $20 million salary, per year. This makes the difference between the two parties roughly $1.5 million.

2 Is Not Greater Than 1 When It Comes to Replacing Clowney

There could be other complications like the amount of guaranteed money, incentives and length of the contract. Only Clowney and the Seahawks know the exact hold-up in making a deal, but what is known is that at least $1.5 million prohibit a new contract from getting done.

Both parties have dug their heels into the during the negotiation, but the Seahawks alternative options are not great if Clowney walks. There are other players like Everson Griffen still on the market but no one is near the impact player of Clowney. Signing two mid-range players does not get you to Clowney, and re-signing the pass rusher does not mean you cannot bring on a few more players on team-friendly deals.

What is true is that thinking that signing two players for Clowney’s desired salary does not equal his impact. There may have been an argument for this when free agency started, but, as harsh as it sounds, signing two players from the clearance rack thinking it is the same thing is laughable.

It is Time for the Seahawks to Pass on the Fast Food Options in Favor of a Steakhouse

Clowney is not a flawless player and for some reason, people are fixated on the pass rusher’s three sacks from last season. Few people bring up the four forced fumble and two defensive touchdowns Clowney also posted. There is concern about Clowney’s injury history but the pass rusher has a solid recent history not considering his first two seasons. Clowney played through pain last season and noted 13 games while dealing with a core muscle injury. Prior to 2019, Clowney played in 15 and 16 games in the previous seasons.

Having Clowney on your roster means there may be a few games that he misses most seasons, but his impact when he is on the field is worth the risk. The Seahawks are already getting a bit of a discount given teams are unable to meet in-person with Clowney or have their medical staff perform an evaluation prior to signing.

It may be true the Seahawks are only negotiating against themselves, but it is not out of the question that a team will swoop in with a one-year contract offer with more guaranteed money. The Seahawks need to do what they can, within reason, to get a deal done with Clowney now. Even if it is a two-year contract worth roughly $20 million annually, it would still keep Clowney with the team for the foreseeable future.

It is time for the Seahawks to pay for a nice steak dinner, especially while Russell Wilson is still in the prime of his career.

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