EX-Knick Compares Knicks to the Dallas Cowboys

Knicks James Dolan

Getty James Dolan Press Conference

Last time the New York Knicks reached the NBA Finals was 21 years ago against the San Antonio Spurs, but unfortunately for the James Dolan lead Knicks loss in five-game and they were unable to bring a championship back the World’s Most Famous Arena.

As for the Dallas Cowboys, they have not been to a Super Bowl since 1996 when they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers by the score of 27–17. Both teams are always in the media, but they haven’t done a lot of winning in the 20 plus seasons since their last appearance in their respective league championships.

Former Knicks great Charles Oakley was on the ESPN’s Golic and Wingo after a video went viral featuring Spike Lee arguing with MSG Security.

Lee can be heard saying, ”because no one told me. No one told me. I’m staying here. Now, if you want to arrest like Charles Oakley, go the f*** ahead. Oh, you going to arrest me, put my head behind my back like Oakley?”

Lee was clearly referencing the incident back in 2017, when Oakley was arrested for shoving security.

Oakley said on Golic and Wingo that the Knicks have become a plantation and are making headlines for the wrong reasons and compared them to Dallas Cowboys.

“It’s a plantation over there. It’s bad,” Oakley told ESPN’s Golic and Wingo. “People don’t want to talk about it. It’s [really] bad over there. I mean, this man’s been buying tickets for 28 years, over $10 million, and you curse him out if he comes in this door or that door?

“I ain’t ever seen a team losing make this much news. Maybe the Dallas Cowboys.”

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NBA Analyst Think Brooklyn Nets Should offer Lee Front row Seats

Heavy’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson was recently on Centers Of Attention on ESPN Radio Syracuse and suggested the Brooklyn Nets should give the Oscar-Winning Director afront-row seats.

“If I was the Brooklyn Nets, I would offer Spike Lee front-row seats and tell him he can use any entrance he wants. Lol, gotta admit that would be a smart move by the Nets.”

Former NBA coach George Karl slams James Dolan, stating he has been lucky to work with some great owners and not so great ones.

I’ve been lucky to work with some great owners. But even the not so great ones look like Jerry Buss when compared to Jim Dolan!

Wake @knicks fans from their nightmare and sell the team! They deserve better. https://twitter.com/ny_knickspr/status/1234898716076789761 

However, Donovan Mitchell thinks that Leon Rose could turn the Knicks around.

“I think with Leon — who I know personally — things are going to trend upward. I love Leon to death,” Mitchell said. “He’s a great dude, great person, and a really good businessman. So I think they’re going to start going in the right direction when he gets in there.”

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