Vince Carter Retiring Regardless of Whether Season Resumes, Says Source

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Getty Vince Carter #15 of the Atlanta Hawks reacts after hitting a three-point basket against the Memphis Grizzlies

Last summer future Hall of Famer, Vince Carter announced on ESPN’s The Jump, that the 2019-20 season will be his last.

“I just think that after next season it is time,” he said on ESPN’s “The Jump.” “It’s been great.”

Here’s a look at the video from the show, which was revealed by Chris Montano of ESPN.

When Carter checked in the game against the Detriot Pistons on October 24, 2019, Carter made history by playing in 22 seasons, passing his former teammate with the Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki for most seasons played in the NBA. He is also the first player in NBA history to play in four decades in the NBA (the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and now the 2020s).

I recently spoke to Rachel Nichols, and she shared with me what thought about Vince playing in four decades.

“Man, I don’t try to think about too much because I did cover Vince [Carter] at the beginning of his Raptors’ career. So, he got older I didn’t I don’t know how that works, but obviously a tremendous accomplishment. One thing that says a lot of Vince took a different road than other veterans in his position. You’ve seen guys say I haven’t really had a chance to win a ring I’m going to join a team that has a chance to win a title,  Nichols told me.

Even if I’m the guy at the end of the bench, who is just a veteran presence and helping young guys in the locker room may be seeing some time on the floor here and there. It is one thing to say; it worth it because I want to win a title and have that experience, and that’s great. We’ve seen guys do that and really contribute in so many different ways, but Vince experience that he was smart enough to say you know what I just want to play basketball. That is why you saw in places like Sacramento and Atlanta where there wasn’t really a chance to win a ring, and I think that is a great model.

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A Source Thinks Vince Carter Will Retire at the end of the Year Regardless if the NBA Doesn’t Resume

The NBA is currently on a hiatus due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and if the NBA season doesn’t resume this year, Vince Carter’s last game was in a 136-131 loss to the New York Knicks in Atlanta.

A source recently shared with me that “Vince Carter will retire at the end of the year regardless, if the season resumes in a couple of months or if it doesn’t make due to the Coronavirus. Vince has put in his time and wants to spend time with his family and enjoy retirement.”

Vince Carter will be a first-ballot Hall of Fame when his time comes up in 2025 and rightfully so after his contributions to the NBA after 22 seasons.

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