Floyd Mayweather’s Emotional Video and Bold Promise [Watch]

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Floyd Mayweather vulnerably expressed his inner thoughts and feelings about losing two important people in his life last month in a heart-rending video posted to Instagram over the weekend. Moreover, the 50-0 retired boxing champion vowed to help the world through the global coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m affected by this,” Mayweather said. ” It hurts to see what the world is going through. But I want us to stick together and keep believing.”

Mayweather Lost Josie Harris and Roger Mayweather in March

Mayweather lost two important people in his life in March.

Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend Josie Harris, 40, was found dead in her car by police in California on Mar. 10. Harris was the mother of three of Mayweather’s children. Per CNN, Mayweather and Harris broke up in 2010 after multiple allegations of domestic abuse, but the two had spent more than 10 years together in a relationship. And in 2015, Harris filed a $20 million defamation lawsuit against Mayweather.

Just one week later on March 17, Mayweather’s uncle, Roger Mayweather who was Mayweather’s trainer over the majority of his career, also died. The 58-year-old had guided the early and latter part of his nephew’s boxing career after his own world champion boxing career.

Mayweather’s Losses Came During Difficult Time

Those losses would be substantial during any part of Mayweather’s life, but they had to be especially difficult to process during the global pandemic where emotions and stresses are already at a high level for everyone across the world.

Indeed, Mayweather’s voice cracked with emotion as he tried to share how these events affected him during this already difficult time of the world dealing with the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What I want to talk about is just that, you know, I haven’t had a chance to come out and really talk, to the world and talk to the people, cuz I’ve been dealing with a lot, you know, as far as dealing with the loss of the mother of my children. She was a significant other, a great woman, a great person.”

“Dealing with a great trainer, an uncle, a father figure. Roger Mayweather. So I’ve been dealing with a lot, and I haven’t really had a chance to come out and speak and talk to the world.”

Mayweather Boldly Promises to Help During COVID-19

Mayweather made more money in boxing than any other fighter in history, and he expects to be able to use his fortune to help those in need right now.

“No one is perfect. I’m not perfect. And I strive to be a perfectionist every day. But no one is perfect. I make mistakes all the time. And the only thing I can do is try to become better. But I’m here to help this world become a better place,” Mayweather said.

Mayweather vowed he’s going to help people that need it most right now.

“So, with everything going on, I’m going to continue to do my part. And I don’t have to show the world what I’m doing. I can do something behind closed doors. It’s not about the money. And the money that I will be giving up will be to feed the people and help the people that don’t have a lot, as of right now, in this situation. I will continue to give back. And I will never talk about it. As long as God know that I’m doing a good deed, that’s what’s important to me,” says Mayweather.

Finally, Mayweather shared his encouragement for the world.

“To everyone in the world, from Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team, we love you all. We will always be there for this country, as well as this world,” Mayweather said.

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