Falcons QB Tells A.J. Terrell ‘Don’t Step on the Falcon’ [WATCH]

Matt Ryan

Getty Quarterback Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons/

Falcons veteran QB Matt Ryan breaks down the dos and do nots for Atlanta’s first-round pick, A.J. Terrell.


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Dos for Falcons 1st Pick

Hey, what’s up A.J., congratulations. I just have a few dos and don’ts for you tonight.

  • #1 DO buy the donuts for the boys on Saturdays. They’re going to appreciate that. As a first-round pick, it’s an important part of it.
  • DO trust in your ability. It’s a big transition, but you’ve been a great player for a long time. You’re going to continue to be a great player a the next level and we’re excited about that.
  • Last, but not least DO enjoy yourself tonight, you’ve earned it. It’s a great time in life. Make sure you have a great time with your friends and your family tonight.

Donts for Falcons 1st Pick

  • DON’T talk too much. Just come in and do your thing. Listen, learn from the guys around you. You’re going to have a very supportive cast and they’re going to help you out.
  • DON’T step on the Falcon in the locker room. We’re going to fine you if you hop on that Falcon. So, make sure you avoid that.

A Look at Terrell

Terrell looked promising at the NFL combine where the Falcons first met with him. The 6’1, 195-pound corner with 31 ¼ inch arms, ran a 4.42 40-yard dash at the combine to go along with a 34.5 vertical jump. In three seasons at Clemson, he totaled 103 tackles, three and a half tackles for loss, and six interceptions.

Terrell finished his last season as a Tiger a first-team all-conference player for the FBS runners-up, starting all 15 games and recording 37 stops, two interceptions, and six pass breakups.

Terrell is originally from the Atlanta area where he attended Westlake High School, which is just about 15 miles from Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It will be a warm welcome home party on Sundays for Terrell with all of his high school friends and family there.

What Head Coach Dan Quinn Had to Say About Terrell

“Hopefully, we can get him ready to play quickly, and he’ll be an outside corner first, Quinn said. That’s where he’s got the most experience and where he’s really thrived. So that’s where we’ll start him, outside first, and we’ll hope to get situated and hope to get started with him just as soon as that’s all permissible. We’ll start in some form or fashion with all the rookies in just a few weeks, so we’re still waiting on some guidelines from the NFL of what that looks like on a virtual program to get started, but that’s where we’re at, and he’ll start as an outside corner for us.”

A.J. Terrell is projected to sign a four-year contract worth $14.3 million with a $7.9 million signing bonus.

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