NBA 2K20 MyTeam: 3 Best Cheap Cards For Beginners


If you’re getting a late start with NBA 2K20’s MyTeam and you want to compete in Unlimited and Triple Threat Online without breaking the bank buying VC, or spending tons of time grinding, the game has a number of cheap gems you can grab for reasonable amounts of MT.

I’m going to point out three great cheap cards you’ll want to grab to be competitive as quickly as possible.

What’s the Definition of a “Cheap” Card?

Depending on the amount of MT you already have in the bank, the definition of cheap can vary. However, for the sake of this concept, I’ll define cheap as any card that can be had on the auction block for 10,000 MT or less.

Every card on this list is accessible on the auction block, and if you’re just starting out, that’s where I’d advise you to go to build your team.

Let’s look at the list of players.

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PG/SF – Amethyst Isaac Bonga – 5,000 MT

Isaac Bonga

GettyIsaac Bonga in NBA 2K20 MyTeam

You can’t start one of these lists without the Amethyst Isaac Bonga card that is a part of the Fan Favorites series. Bonga is 6’8″ and he can play the point guard or small forward positions. That in itself makes him a bit of an enigma.

In addition to his length, he also has a solid dunk rating at an 85. His three-point shooting is at an 89, and his ball-handling is an 86, which means he can speed boost off the dribble.

On defense, his effectiveness is augmented by his length, but he also has an 89 steal rating, 90 perimeter defense, and a 92 speed and speed-with-the ball attribute.

He checks the requisite boxes from a badge standpoint too.

In total, Bonga has 45 badges and 18 of them are Hall of Fame. His HOF Green Machine, Downhill, and Clamps are his most valuable. If this card has a drawback, it’s his shot motion. If you can master that, you can use this card about as effectively as a Pink Diamond.

Here is a look at DBG from Operation Sports breaking down the Bonga card:

NBA 2K20 MyTeam – The Cheapest Must Have Card in the ModeDBG explains why the Washington Wizards Isaac Bonga is the cheapest card that you must have on your NBA 2K20 MyTeam roster. You can also find DBG here: Merch:… Twitch: INSTAGRAM: Twitter: Basketball Channel:

SG/PG – Diamond Marcus Smart – 7,500 MT

Marcus Smart in NBA 2K20

GettyDiamond Marcus Smart

As perimeter defense goes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better card than the Diamond Marcus Smart Moments card.

Like Bonga, he has the requisite HOF Clamps badge, but he’s also got the top-rated badge for Off-Ball Pest and Intimidator. The latter allows Smart to hold his own if he gets caught in a switch with a bigger offensive player.

Size is the only real drawback of this card. He’s only 6’3″, but the badges and a solid 70 strength rating help him out in most cases.

On offense, the Smart card is no slouch. With a 90 speed, 90 speed with the ball, 93 three-point shooting, to go with HOF Catch and Shoot, Green Machine and Gold Range Extender, this version of Smart can get it done on both ends.

C/PF – Ruby Thon Maker – 4,000 MT

Thon Maker

GettyRuby Thon Maker

You’ve got to have a big man, and in MyTeam, you need one that is versatile, especially if you’re going to play Triple Threat Online. The most versatile budget big man is the Ruby Thon Maker.

At 7-foot, Maker has the size you need, at least from a length standpoint. There are plenty of 7-footers in MyTeam, but what sets Maker apart from the other budget cards are his shot motion and speed. Maker may have the smoothest and easiest shot motion to master among bigs in MyTeam, with the exception of maybe Anthony Davis.

Maker’s 85 three-point shooting and 90 driving dunks combined with his HOF Catch and Shoot and Gold Range Extender make him a matchup nightmare for traditional bigs.

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