NBA Stars React to the Michael Jordan Documentary

Michael Jordan

Getty Images Michael Jordan (L) of the Chicago Bulls against Shandon Anderson of the Utah Jazz

ESPN dropped the first two episodes of The Last Dance and they lived up to the hype with the documentary taking viewers through Michael Jordan’s childhood, his college years and his first NBA playoff series among other moments.

Media members and fans weren’t the only ones who live-tweeted the event. Several current NBA players reacted to the documentary in real-time.

NBA Players Appreciate Michael

More Reactions From the Documentary

Of course, most people know the story of Michael Jordan getting cut from his high school team. Still, it’s a wild thought that MJ wouldn’t make it.

In the documentary, Walt Frazier make a comment that Jordan could lead a team to a championship because he wasn’t a 7-footer, as centers had traditionally dominated the league. Jordan was famously drafted No. 3 overall after Houston and Portland each selected centers ahead of him.

Scottie Pippen and the Bulls re-negotiated his contract after the team’s first championship season in 1991. The seven-year, $18 million extension replaced the remaining years of his six-year, $5 million rookie contract.

Prior to Game 2 of the Celtics-Bulls 1986 playoff series, MJ played golf with Danny Ainge, who was one of the best players on Boston’s roster. Could you imagine if Steph Curry and LeBron James squared off in 18-holes in between NBA Finals matchups? That would be madness and some current NBA players are perplexed by the day on the greens by Jordan and Ainge.

Yes, there were commercials in the airing of the documentary.

Everyone Wants More of The Last Dance

The next two episodes will air next Sunday at 9pm ET on ESPN.

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