WWE Wrestlemania 36 Results: Huge Title Changes and Unique Card

WWE Champion Braun Strowman


The coronavirus outbreak shelved most of the world’s sports and entertainment action, but WWE’s WrestleMania remained set for Saturday and Sunday evening. Billed as “The Only WrestleMania Too Big for Just One Night,” WrestleMania 36 was split into two nights of action and taped on a closed set at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Despite those massive changes to what is always the biggest event in the professional wrestling industry, WrestleMania 36 still featured a slew of high-class matchups between some of the company’s top superstars.

Heavy has you covered with all the results from WrestleMania 36.

WWE Wrestlemania 36 Results

Sunday, April 5

NXT Women’s Championship – Rhea Ripley lost her title to Charlotte Flair (by submission). Flair and Ripley kicked off Sunday’s portion of WrestleMania 36. Flair was the challenger since she was vying for Ripley’s NXT title. Flair got off to a fast start, but Ripley had the first cover attempt after Flair was more interested in throwing insults at her opponent than she was in actually wrestling. After the near-fall, Flair regrouped outside the ring before jumping back to assert herself. The two ended up outside the ring and Ripley’s aggression paid off. She pulled Flair back into the ring and corralled her into the corner. She was always on the attack now and Flair wasn’t sure how to respond. Ripley tried to cover again after a suplex but Flair kicked out. Still, Ripley maintained her dominant form until Flair took a swipe at the NXT champ’s left knee, which she had wisely softened up over the preceding weeks.

Ripley screamed in agony over the rest of the action. Even the few times Ripley was able to counter Flair, it seemed to take more out of Ripley’s injured knee than it did Flair.

Overall, it was a brutal and physical match with tons of near-falls meant to showcase Ripley’s talent and toughness, showing that she could compete with the likes of Flair even with an injury.

In the end, Flair rallied with strategic work to Ripley’s knee that eventually incapacitated the NXT champ to the point that Flair could finally lock in the figure-four leg lock followed by the fIgure-eight.

Ripley tapped out and Flair recaptured the women’s NXT title.

Aleister Black defeated Bobby Lashley (by pinfall). Black seemed to get a big push over recent weeks. He even was helped to a win by The Undertaker against A.J. Styles at Elimination Chamber. Now he got to lock horns with the powerful Lashley at WrestleMania 36.

Lashley was accompanied to the ring by Lana. He had his way with Black for the first part of the match, but Black landed a big strike that turned things around for the up-and-coming star. Lashley fended off Black’s first foray into taking the match over, but lost his chance when he was distracted by Lana who had climbed up on the ring apron for some reason after Lashley started to win.

Black landed his finishing Black Mass kick as Lashley charged him for the spear. That nabbed Black the win via pinfall.

Otis defeated Dolph Ziggler (by pinfall). Otis finally got his hands on Ziggler after it was revealed by an unknown masked hacker that Ziggler had conspired with Sonya Deville to wreck Otis’ Valentine’s Day plans with Rose. Rose was nowhere to be seen as the match started. Only Deville came to the ring with Ziggler.

Otis was vicious, relentless and aggressive. Ziggler had some moments, but mostly it was Otis using his overwhelming size and strength advantages to maul Ziggler down to the mat. But Deville distracted the referee and Ziggler nailed him with a low blow from behind. That turned things around for Ziggler.

That’s when Rose’s music dropped. She came to the ring and slapped Deville then put her down to the ground with punches. Then she ran into the ring and nailed Ziggler with a low blow. Otis used that moment to land his caterpillar finishing move and scored the pinfall win.

At the end, Otis and Mandy embraced and kissed to finish one of the strangest WWE love stories in recent history.

Last Man Standing – Edge defeated Randy Orton. Edge came to the ring first. Orton’s music dropped and Edge waited. But Orton didn’t appear. Of course, Orton was dressed in disguise as a cameraman. He sprung into action and landed his RKO.

Edge was hurt but gave the referee permission to start the match. That’s when Orton landed his second RKO. Edge was down for nine-count but made it to his feet. Orton then got Edge outside the ring and did all sorts of damage around the empty arena. The two ended up backstage where Orton had access to all sorts of various workout equipment with which he could punish his opponent.

Edge turned the tide. They took turns using the various contraptions WWE superstars use to get in shape at the Performance Center in Orlando as weapons, then found their way back into the hallway where they could smash each other into various walls.

Then more rooms and venues throughout the location. It became a virtual tour of the center with Edge, Orton and the ever-counting referee who never seemed to make it to ten during his counts.

Like just about every other Last Man Standing match ever, this one seemed to go on forever.

Eventually, Orton was choked unconscious by Edge. The referee started to count but Edge stopped him, shed a few tears and then hit the unconscious Orton on the head with a chair as he lay on top of another chair.

So Edge won his Last Man Standing match by picking up the ten-count versus Orton.

Raw Tag Team Championship – The Street Profits defeated Austin Theory & Angel Garza (Dawkins by pinfall over Theory). Austin Theory and Angel Garza entered the arena with Zelina Vega by their sides. Theory was a late replacement for Andrade who suffered an injury that kept him out of this match. The Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, entered soon after and performed a short dance atop the announcer’s table.

The Street Profits took the early lead, likely due to their experience working together as a tag team. At one point Ford flew out of the ring to take out Theory, but took out his own tag team partner at the same time. Garza capitalized on the opportunity with a high-flying move of his own out of the ring. But it wasn’t enough to take the day. The Street Profits took the win when Ford landed a frog splash on Theory and Dawkins covered for the win.

But when the match ended, Theory, Garza and Vega avenged their loss by beating up The Street Profits in the ring. Then entered Bianca Belair to the rescue. She landed the Kiss of Death on Vega to clear the ring. Then sat atop the shoulders of The Street Profits to celebrate.

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Bayley retained her title and defeated Lacey Evans, Tamina, Naomi and Sasha Banks (Bayley by pinfall over Evans). Each woman entered the ring individually, beginning with Sasha Banks and ending with Bayley. Will the best friends remain so when the match ends? That was the question of the night as the match began.

Sasha and Bayley made the first move as they teamed up to take on Tamina in an attempt to take her out first. All four women attacked Tamina, who overpowered them all. But they persevered and continued their attack and Tamina rolled out of the ring to recover.

Sasha and Bayley took on Lacey Evans and Naomi inside the ring. Blows were traded by all, and then Tamina re-entered the ring. The action continued, and eventually Tamina is the first to be eliminated as the other four women continued their assault on her.

Sasha and Bayley continued working together in and out of the ring in an attempt to take out Evans or Naomi. After much back and forth action, Sasha eliminated Naomi by submission.

Sasha and Bayley turned their attention to Evans and began taunting her. The best friends relentlessly assaulted Evans and attempted to cover her together, but she kicked out. Later Bayley miscalculated a move and took out Sasha. When Sasha recovered she entered the ring and demanded Bayley explain herself. During this conversation, Evans capitalized on the opportunity and attacked Sasha, and then eliminated her by pinfall.

It’s now Evans and Bayley one-on-one. They traded blows but Bayley eventually tied Evans to the top rope. The tide turned when Evans landed a massive boot on Bayley and then released herself from the top rope. She took out Bayley with a high-flying moonsault, but Bayley kicked out at the last second.

Then, to the surprise of everyone, Sasha entered the ring and landed a Backstabber on Evans. Bayley covered Evans and won by pinfall. Bayley nervously gazed at her best Sasha after the match was over, but Sasha put the title around her best friend’s waist and then raised her hand in celebration.

Firefly Funhouse Match – “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena (by pinfall). Unlike Saturday’s Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and A.J. Styles, this one started out like a normal match. Cena headed to the ring but then Bray Wyatt interrupted with his Firefly Funhouse show.

That resulted in Cena somehow transported onto that set. If you’ve never seen it, it’s basically a very dark version of the old Mr. Rogers set. There Cena interacted with puppets and such until he ended up inside a dark room where there was no light.

There is where another puppet appeared for Cena to talk with. Cena didn’t really talk to the puppet but he seemed kind of creeped out by the whole thing.

Wyatt appeared in a ring and challenged someone to come into the ring. Then various versions of Cena from the past appeared and one of the Cenas ended up face-to-face with Wyatt. Wyatt toyed with that version then the set changed to a 1980s version of Saturday Night’s Main Event.

The two wrestlers basically pretended to be Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage from the 1980s versions of themselves. They cut a promo. Even the puppets were a little dismayed by the whole thing.

Cue the hip hop version of Cena rapping and wearing a backward baseball cap and New York Yankees jersey. Cena was then forced to rap and rhyme to sound effects that didn’t like what the famed wrestler had to say to Wyatt about Wyatt. One of his rhymes dissed Wyatt for blowing all his chances in the company. That sent Wyatt into a negative headspace and he countered back that Cena was a bully and a horrible person.

Cena tried to attack Wyatt but was knocked unconscious.

Then a throwback version of Wyatt appeared and started talking about Abigail and such in the woods. After that speech, the two were back in the ring together. Now Cana had a chair, which was a throwback to their match against each other six years ago. Cena swung the chair but Wyatt suddenly disappeared.

Then everything is WCW Nitro era. Wyatt channeled his inner Eric Bischoff and summoned a “Hollywood Hogan” version of Cena who appeared in full NWO garb.

Then a huge Cena montage unfolded that evolved into him sitting in the center of the ring. The Fiend is behind him though and gets the jump on Cena from behind. That’s when he landed the mandible claw on Cena for a knockout.

The referee (who is also somehow Wyatt) made the three-count as The Fiend pinned Cena for the win.

WWE Championship – Drew McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar and became the new WWE Champion (by pinfall). Lesnar started fast and furiously but McIntyre landed his claymore kick for the pin. Lesnar kicked out. McIntyre went for another but ended up going on a trip to suplex city instead. Lesnar landed three german suplexes, then his F5 finishing move but McIntyre kicked out on the one-count.

Lesnar was stunned. He landed another F5 but McIntyre kicked out after two this time. The same thing happened again. This time, McIntyre barely kicked out of the count.

Lesnar tried for the fourth one but McIntyre slipped out off his back. That led to three claymore kicks in a row to Lesnar’s face, and the biggest win of McIntyre’s WWE career.

McIntyre beats Lesnar via pinfall to become WWE champion.

WWE Wrestlemania 36 Results

Saturday, April 4

Women’s Tag Team Championship – Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeat the champions, The Kabuki Warriors (Bliss took the pinfall win over Sane). After a spirited effort by Cross put the team in a good position, Bliss landed her twisted bliss finisher off the top rope to pin Kairi Sane. That made Bliss and Cross the new women’s tag team champions and gave them the revenge they were seeking over The Kabuki Warriors on the WWE’s grandest stage.

Elias defeated King Corbin (by pinfall). Corbin didn’t expect Elias to be able to make it to the ring after his big fall on Smackdown, but Elias got the jump on his opponent and attacked him before the bell rang by hitting him with his guitar.

That gave Elias the hot start, but Corbin quickly turned things around. Elias remained resilient while Corbin did things like argue with the referee and take way too long between his attacks. Corbin seemed to have the upper hand but was suddenly pinned by Elias as he was arguing with the referee. Elias grabbed hold of Elias’ pants during the roll-up, so it wasn’t clean but it certainly counted.

Raw Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch retains her title with a win over Shayna Baszler (by pinfall). Lynch showed up to WrestleMania 36 driving a custom-made black 18-wheeler with her name and face on it. And when the match began, Lynch and Baszler went right at each other. Baszler has been one of the most dominant forces in recent weeks, but Lynch didn’t have any trouble keeping up with her to start the match. In fact, it was surprisingly even early on in the match.

Lynch went to the top rope after being frustrated about not being able to pin her opponent for the count. That opened the door for the challenger. She landed some hard kicks and strikes but Lynch was able to kick out of pins and counter where necessary.

But Baszler bashed Lynch into the table as she had done during previous run-ins over the weeks after she corralled Lynch to the outside of the ring. Back in the middle of the ring, Baszler locked in her finishing move, the Kirifuda Clutch, but Lynch rolled through to amazingly pin her opponent for the massive win.

Intercontinental Championship – Sami Zayn retains his title with a win over Daniel Bryan (by pinfall). Bryan came to the ring with Drew Gulak, who lost to Cesaro in a singles match during the WrestleMania 36 preshow. Zayn, of course, came to the ring with Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. Once the match started, Zayn did classic Zayn things, at least classic heel Zayn things, like avoiding action and running around the ring.

Gulak eventually had to attack Cesaro and Nakamura to keep those two from blocking Bryan from chasing Zayn. With those two put out of commission, Bryan pretended as if he was going to let Zayn leave the ring for the count-out disqualification loss, but Bryan suddenly chased him down and dragged him back into the ring.

Once there, Bryan seemed to have his way with the champ. Even after Zayn made a brief comeback, Bryan quickly turned the tide to get back on top of the action.

But when Cesaro and Nakamura distracted Bryan, Zayn was able to land a hard kick to Bryan’s face after Bryan had jumped from the top rope and then took the win by pinfall.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship (Ladder Match) – John Morrison retains the tag team titles with a win over Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso. This one was originally supposed to be a triple-threat tag team match but was changed to a standard triple-threat match featuring one person from each team. So the event became Morrison vs. Jimmy Uso vs. Kofi Kingston in a Ladder Match with the tag titles still at stake.

Ladder matches are always fun. All three wrestlers are solid performers on their own and it showed in this match. Three athletic high-flyers that performed amazing feats everywhere but when they actually had to climb the ladder to try and win the belts.

In the end, all three had their chance at pulling down the titles from atop the ladder, but Morrison fell from the ladder on top of another adjacent ladder with the titles in hand and the other two superstars were left stunned.

Kevin Owens defeats Seth Rollins twice (first by DQ, then by pinfall). The Monday Night Messiah entered the arena in all his glory to face Kevin Owens in the ring. The two traded runs early in the match. Owens got off to the fast start, but Rollins turned things around. About halfway through the match, Rollins taunted Owens and proclaimed himself a god.

Both were on top of their games in this match. Rollins is always a popular face, but he’s a great heel. And Owens brings a passion and energy into his matches that other superstars just can’t seem to muster.

There was lots of back-and-forth action in this one. Tons of near-falls but neither could seem to keep the momentum. Just as it seemed as if Rollins was about to take over the match, Ownes would come on. The same thing would happen the other way.

In the end, Rollins hit Owens with the bell while the two were battling outside the ring. That gave Owens the DQ win. But as Rollins was leaving the ring, Owens hopped on the mic and challenged Rollins to come back to the ring for a no-disqualification match.

Rollins obliged and the match…um…continued? Or maybe a new one started? Whatever the case, they began wrestling again.

Rather, Rollins hit Owens with all sorts of objects and taunted him. It was a no DQ match and Owens turned the tide by hitting Rollins with the ringside bell this time. He did that a few times, then climbed to the top of the WrestleMania sign and shouted down to his felled opponent, who was laying atop the announcer’s table, “How’s this for a Wrestlemania moment?”

Owens crashed down from the Wrestlemania sign to blast through both Rollins and the table. He dragged Rollins back to the ring and pinned him for the three-count win.

Universal Championship – Braun Strowman defeated Goldberg to become the new champion (by pinfall). Goldberg was originally supposed to face Roman Reigns but Reigns pulled out of the matchup due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Braun Strowman filled in for Reigns after the matchup was announced just one day prior to WrestleMania 36.

Strowman tried to power slam Goldberg to start the match, but the champion slipped out of his grip and landed four spears in a row before trying to jackhammer Strowman for the win. But Strowman reversed that finishing move into four power slams of his own to stunningly win the Universal championship.

Boneyard Match – The Undertaker defeats AJ Styles (by burial). So this was basically like a movie.

Both wrestlers showed up to a cemetery at night. Styles trolled Taker by using his music and showing up in a hearse. Taker came to the field in biker garb. Then the Undertaker took the action to Styles before the other two members of the O.C., Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, showed up to help with about a dozen other henchmen who were all wearing black and could not be identified.

Styles threw the Undertaker into a pre-dug grave, then got into a tractor to pour dirt on Taker (presumedly to win the match). But the Undertaker (magically?) appeared behind the surprised Styles and then chased his scared opponent to the top of an old barn.

Once Styles was on the roof, the Undertaker rose his hands in the air to make fire appear all around Styles. That stunned Styles and opened the door for the Undertaker to make his way over to his opponent.

Taker then choke-slammed Styles off the roof to the ground about 10 feet below him. The Taker dragged Styles over to the grave. Styles repeatedly apologized for bringing Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCool into the promotion of the event.

The Undertaker kicked Styles into the grave, climbed to the top of the tractor, turned it on and spilled the dirt over his opponent to score what we assume is the win.

The end showed a tombstone with Styles’ name on it and the grave filled with dirt and only his hand, with one of his patented gloves on, sticking out.

The Undertaker rode off on his motorcycle.

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