Ex-Falcons RB Plans to Skip Season If His Number Isn’t Met: Report

Devonta Freeman

Getty Devonta Freeman #24 of the Atlanta Falcons.

Former Atlanta Falcons running back, Davonta Freeman was offered a reported $4 million one-year deal by the Seattle Seahawks on Wednesday.

Freeman turned it down insisting more money.

The former Falcons bust said he will sit out and skip the season if he isn’t offered what “he’s worth,” according to Michael Silver of Sports Illustrated. Silver

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Silver also agreed with NFL Insider on Sirius XM, Adam Caplan on the fact that Freeman most likely won’t get any more money than what Seattle already offered him.

Freeman Sits Out

If Freeman sits out for a season it could be in his benefit to give his body a rest, however coming back into the game he won’t get offered anything more than that $4 million. Especially since he already had two back-to-back career-low seasons.

Freeman is coming out of a full-starting position and has since 2015. The Seahawks decided to look to Carlos Hyde to the $4 million deal since Freeman took too long.

Most teams are pretty much set with their running back position. Freeman would have to battle pretty hard for his starting position really anywhere he ends up.

At this rate, he might not get the chance to start unless an injury happens. Freeman can keep shopping around, but if nothing else he should settle for whichever team gives him a chance and prove them wrong.

Skipping a Season at RB Is Not Unusual

Sitting out for an entire NFL season as a running back isn’t against the norm.

“Freeman has invested his money well and saved much of the income he’s earned thus far,” Silver said. “Financially, he does not have to play. His current mentality is that he won’t play if he doesn’t get an offer that reflects what he believes his value is.”

Looking back, Le’Veon Bell sat out two years ago over a contract dispute. John Riggins still made the Hall of Fame. Ricky Williams and Marshawn Lynch came out of one-year retirements and played for several more seasons.

The only difference is that these guys took their breaks after remarkable seasons and Freeman’s 2019 season was disappointing.

Falcons Move On From Freeman

For months rumor spread of Atlanta letting Freeman go until he was officially released by the Falcons in March.

As of 2019, the Pro Bowler has rushed for a notable total of 3,972 yards averaging 4.2 rushing yards per game. He has scored 32 touchdowns so far with 2,015 receiving yards and 257 receptions.

Freeman was selected by Atlanta in the fourth round (103rd overall) of the 2014 NFL Draft. In 2017 the Falcons signed Freeman to a five-year, $41.25 million contract extension and he became the highest-paid running back in the league.

The explosive running back missed all but two games during the 2018 season due to a groin injury. He finished the 2019 season with a career-low in yards per carry. That’s when the Falcons decided to go in a new direction. Atlanta signed on Todd Gurley in early free agency to replace Freeman.

I hope Freeman finds the money mark he’s looking for and if it’s somehow back in Seattle, we’ll see him back at Mercedez Benz Stadium on September 13.

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