Latest Challenger Doubts Mike Tyson: ‘He Smokes Weed’

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Another former rival challenged 53-year-old Mike Tyson to a rematch over recent days, and this one said he wants a “fair playing field” for their fight this time around.

Lou Savarese, 54, is one of Houston’s best-loved boxing champions, an affable and successful athlete known for his battles against the likes of Tyson, George Foreman and Evander Holyfield.

Now Savarese wants to throw his name in the ring for a rematch against Tyson, who stopped Savarese in one round back in 2000.

Savarese, who stays in incredible shape and stays actively engaged in the local boxing gyms he owns and operates in the Houston area, wants another shot at “Iron Mike”.

Moreover, Savarese revealed to “The Raheel Show” podcast that he believes Tyson’s marijuana use might be something that could help Savares score the rematch win 20 years later.

“You know that power, mass times velocity equals power, he’s big and he’s fast, so he’s still gonna hit hard,” Savarese said. “The thing is, how can he do it for a couple of rounds…you know, it’s public knowledge he smokes a lot of weed and stuff.”

Additionally, Savarese said a rematch might be due because Tyson admitted years later to having used cocaine before that bout against Savarese.

“No hard feelings, I love Mike,” Savarese said. “I talk to him once in a while. I just wish there was fair play. He had issues before the fight. He admitted to, it’s documented, he admitted to doing cocaine before the fight so I’d like to have a fair playing field.”

Savarese said he wasn’t so sure Tyson’s smoking habit is something that will benefit the former heavyweight champion during his stunning comeback bid.

Savarese Praised Tyson But Expects to Win Rematch

Savarese praised Tyson for how great the two-time heavyweight champ has looked in recent training videos, but Savarese said he wonders about Tyson’s cardio.

“I don’t think [smoking is] very good for your endurance,” Savarese said. “You know, he has a podcast that he smokes weed on it. I’ve watched it a couple of times. It’s actually really funny.”

Still, Savarese also said all the praise for his former foe is receiving is warranted.

“He’s still so quick,” Savarese said. “The most amazing thing about him is that there are guys who are strong, and there are guys who are quick, he’s one of the few guys that’s really strong and really quick, and that’s the things. He covers the distance so quickly and he still looks great doing it.”

Like other former Tyson rivals such as Holyfield, Savarese would love to fight Tyson again but also says he and Tyson have a solid relationship these days.

So Savarese isn’t so much looking for revenge as he is hoping for another opportunity.

Unlike Holyfield, though, Savarese actually seems to be requesting a legitimate rematch over the scripted exhibition Holyfield had in mind.

“I would love it,” Savarese said. “I stay in shape. I’m always training. I still spar with all the guys at the gym downtown.”

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More About Lou Savarese

Savarese is a partial owner of two popular boxing gyms in the Houston, Texas area, Main Street Boxing and Muay Thai downtown and Savarese Fight Fit in West University.

In addition to being actively involved at both those gyms, the former heavyweight contender has also been one of the most successful local boxing promoters in the area.

On top of that, Savarese has helped raise millions of dollars for charity over the years.

While he’s been retired from boxing since 2007 and hasn’t fought since winning his lone MMA fight in 2013, Savarese is ready for part two against Tyson.

“I would love to do it,” Savarese said. “It would be a dream of mine.”

When asked on the podcast for his challenge to Tyson, Savarese only had one thing to say.

“Tyson, you’re going down!”

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