Lions’ Frank Ragnow Motivated to Be a Part of Race Solution

Frank Ragnow

Getty Frank Ragnow during a game with the Lions.

Detroit Lions offensive lineman Frank Ragnow has felt the power of the past week in terms of discussions and he wants to be a part of the solution moving forward.

Speaking with reporters, Ragnow explained the nature of some of the team meetings that he’s been involved in, and has watched his teammates bear their souls. As he said, it’s something that has made him sick to his stomach in terms of hearing the things they have had to deal with just due to race itself.

However, that only makes him more aware and more ready to help remedy the situation moving forward. As Ragnow explained on the call, his experienced the last few days have been tough but necessary in terms of motivation for the future to get things right.

Here’s what he said:

It’s interesting to hear Ragnow’s take as a white player, and it’s clear what he has heard has opened his eyes. This week, his African American teammates have been speaking out passionately and eloquently on the matter and it’s clear their words have made a very dramatic effect.

It’s possible the entire Lions team has never been close as they are at this moment in time. The words from Ragnow only serve to prove that point.

Frank Ragnow Lions Most Improved Player

For the Lions, PFF writer Ben Linsey had center Frank Ragnow pegged as the team’s most improved player, and explained that a shift back to a natural position helped Ragnow take off in his sophomore season in the league. Here’s what was written in the piece:

“We talked about it before the season, and Ragnow’s move from guard in his rookie season to center in 2019 did, in fact, make all the difference. It was his more productive position at Arkansas, and it is his more productive position through two years as a professional, as well. Ragnow’s 64.4 overall grade in 2018 was a respectable mark, ranking 15th among qualifying left guards, but his 74.9 grade in 2019 bordered on the center position’s elite and ranked sixth among 38 qualifying centers. There was an improvement from Ragnow across the board as both a pass blocker and as a run blocker. He should only continue to improve in the middle of the Lions’ offensive line, given his track record of success at the position in college.”

Ragnow has a great future with the Lions if he can continue his development and also stay away from dangerous situations off the field.

Obviously, this rise is what the Lions had in mind for Ragnow when they made him their first round pick a few years ago. Continuing to see Ragnow develop and improve will be something for the Lions to celebrate.

Frank Ragnow Lions Stats

Thus far in his career, there is very positive feelings about where Ragnow’s career is heading, because he’s been a solid player for the Lions up front along their offensive line. A first round pick in 2018 out of Arkansas, Ragnow has played guard and center for the team before switching back to his natural position in the middle of the line.

Thus far in his career, Ragnow has started 31 games for Detroit and has been a rock for the team’s front. He hasn’t made a Pro Bowl or been an All-Pro player yet, but many see that trajectory for him as he continues to mature and push through his career.

Lions Release Statement Regarding Social Injustice

Wednesday afternoon, the team put forth a statement to regarding what’s currently playing out in America. It read as follows:

“The painful examples of racism and social injustice reflected in the senseless deaths happening in our country are incredibly disturbing and it is clear that immediate change is necessary.

Over the last several days, it was important for our team to gather virtually so that the pain, confusion, anger and frustration that people are feeling could be shared as we attempt to process what is happening around us. This range of emotion has consumed the time we have spent together as a team this week. Our internal conversations have been powerful and emotional. We will continue to listen, support our players and learn as we press forward together.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. What is happening is not acceptable. We recognize that the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery are only the most recent examples plaguing our communities. Our club vows to expand on the work already being done in the Detroit community – through real action and conversation – to help our team make an impact in areas of great need. We have a duty to lead these conversations now and always, but it is equally if not more important that we continue to LISTEN. The events over the past week are a hurtful reminder that we have a long way to go with inclusion, diversity and equality for all people.

We have a responsibility to create positive change.”

With the Lions, now all 4 of Detroit’s major sports teams have released strong takes on the situation currently taking place in America and the need for change.

Clearly, Ragnow has a strong take on that after hearing everyone speak.

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