Mike Tyson’s Latest Video Should Frighten Jon Jones [WATCH]

Boxing Legend Mike Tyson left, UFC Champ Jon Jones right


Just about a day after UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones accepted the idea of squaring off against Mike Tyson, the 53-year-old returning boxing champ posted another training montage of “The Baddest Man on the Planet” hitting the mitts with trainer Rafael Cordeiro.

As with the various other training clips that Tyson began posting soon after the fighter revealed he was planning to box again, Tyson looks just plain terrifying in the latest post.

While Jones suggested he’d only be interested in facing Tyson in a boxing match if the boxing legend would also agree to fight Jones inside a cage under MMA rules, it’s clear that the boxing match part of Jones’ two-fight plan should frighten the all-time great MMA fighter, if only just a little bit.

Because even at age 53, Tyson is still one scary dude.

You can watch Tyson’s new training clip below (via Instagram).

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Training smarter every day. @smartcups SmartCups.com

A post shared by Mike Tyson (@miketyson) on Jun 22, 2020 at 12:10pm PDT

Jones reacted to seeing Tyson’s video with a shocked face emoji.

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MMA Bout Against Jones Should Frighten Tyson Just as Much

While Jones luring Tyson into a fight isn’t likely to happen, it’s sure fun to think about.

And to be totally clear about the matter, Tyson’s chances against Jones under MMA rules would be just as scary for “Iron Mike” as for Jones facing Tyson in a boxing match.

Boxing and MMA are two completely different sports.

While both include punches, the footwork Tyson uses inside a boxing ring wouldn’t help him all that much in the Octagon.

Conversely, Jones would likely have no kind of defense ready for Tyson’s offensive onslaught in a boxing match.

Fights happen faster than its participants can think. Tyson and Jones have spent years crafting how they respond to things competing under very different rule sets.

Still, Jones facing Tyson would be a wild spectacle. Whether a single boxing match, a boxing match and MMA bout, or just one contest under MMA rules, Tyson vs. Jones would sell tons of pay-per-view buys all over the world.

So if Tyson is serious about raising money for charity, fighting Jones might be the biggest and best option he could find right now to make the most amount of money possible.

Fans Shouldn’t Be Frightened by Crossover Megafight Idea

As much as Jones and Tyson would be putting on the line in any kind of crossover fight, both fighters would be taking on a legend in his own sport.

Tyson is easily the most celebrated heavyweight champion in boxing since Muhammad Ali and Jones is arguably the best MMA fighter ever.

Both fighters seem to like and respect each other, and Jones went so far as to say he wouldn’t go after Tyson under MMA rules with any kind of wild Jiu-Jitsu that might break bones in Tyson’s body.

So while it’s not all that likely to take place, if some kind of superfight between the two ace champions did actually happen, it’s not something fans should be frightened about seeing.

Like 2017’s bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, the promotion would be a wildly fun spectacle meant to entertain people.

And it would certainly accomplish that.

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