NBA Free Agent Notifies NFL He Intends To Sign, Train WIth Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown

Getty Could the Vikings be considering Antonio Brown?

Three-time NBA slam dunk champion, Nate Robinson is currently an NBA free agent and the gifted athlete reveals that he wouldn’t mind playing in the NFL.

Vince Carter Vs. Zach LaVine As Told by NBA's Nate Robinson | Slam Dunk Contest, Nets. Knicks, BullsChecking in with WORDSWITHSCOOP Presented by Orox Leathers, Nate Robinson checks in with Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson & discusses the Bulls, Knicks, NBA & more. Subscribe to the Scoop B Radio Podcast: Follow me on Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Nate Robinson's interview on IG:

“Yeah I can play football too,” Nate Robinson told me on Instagram Live’s #WORDSWITHSCOOP Presented by Orox Leather.

“The Seahawks gave me a little tryout. But if I really got with a trainer – if got with Chad Ocho Cinco and worked out with Antonio Brown and went up against some of the best of the best that have good footwork and stuff, I KNOW that I would be able to play in the National Football League.”

Robinson played both sides of the football at Rainer Beach High School in Seattle, Washington and at James Logan High School in Union City, Washington. He played a wide receiver, running back and defensive back.

Robinson played defensive corner during his freshman year at the University of Washington.

According to an 2013 article by Bleacher Report, Robinson picked a pass in the final minutes of regulation, against the Washington State Cougars in the 2002 Apple Cup.

The Huskies secured the win in triple overtime.

Robinson, 36, says he can be an impact player on an NFL team now. “Wherever,” he said.

“Wherever they need me! That’s what type of player Nate Robinson is. You need me on O coach? I’m on offense. You need me on D coach? I’m on defense. I can do that. You need me on Special Teams? Put me wherever bro. I’m a jack of all trades bro. Offense or defense. That was the beauty of playing multiple sports because I just want to be on the field. If you want me to kick an onside bro, I’m gonna kick the ball the best way I can. I’m like, wherever you want me to play I’ma play.”

During his NBA career, Michael Jordan made the transition from an NBA player who won three straight NBA Finals into a retired NBA player who transitioned into becoming a Major League Baseball player who later returned to NBA hoops again.

Is the transition similar from basketball to football? “Yeah,” said Robinson.

“There’s no difference. It’s just learning the sport, learning the movements, learning the playbook, learning the style…I mean, anybody can learn it but, it’s just how fast you can comprehend the information and what you’re going to do with it when it’s your turn to actually go out and play and compete. But most of it is just like, with in the person man; if you’re a dog and you’re a hog you can do anything. You can compete and do any sport. I can go and play baseball right now. I’ve never played baseball a day in my life. But if you put me out there with a baseball guy, you would think that I was playing baseball my whole life.”


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