Patriots QB Cam Newton Gets Strong Reaction From 76ers Coach Brett Brown

Getty Cam Newton

Cam Newton is now the starting quarterback of the New Engand Patriots.

Newton signed a one-year veteran’s minimum deal that only guarantees him $550,000.

Worth noting: Even with incentives his deal maxes out at only around $7.5 million.

One person who is paying attention to Cam Newton’s role at Foxboro is Philadelphia 76ers head coach, Brett Brown.

“I think that with Cam Newton, you go into that thing and the system prevails often time,” Brown told me yesterday.

“The culture prevails often times and you’re just caught in the current of history and you’re caught in the current of success, and you just got amazing coaching and leadership in Coach Belichick and so you know, Cam’s success or his ability to continue to steer that franchise I think is a good partnership. The risk/ reward you know, for the Patriots with him I think is a very good partnership from afar.”

The first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft out of the University of Auburn, Newton, 31, threw for 29,041 yards and 182 touchdowns during his eight year NFL career.

Newton was the NFL’s MVP back in 2015. During that year, Newton guided the Panthers to a 15-1 run and a Super Bowl appearance.

Newton had success in 2017 too. He led the team to the playoffs but struggled with injuries over the past two seasons. More specifially: Foot surgery limited him to just two games played in 2019.

Coach Brett Brown isn’t the only notable who is a Cam Newton observer.

“If you’re Cam Newton and you have the opportunity to play for Bill Belichick, you BETTER take advantage of it,” NFL analyst, Nate Burleson told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“Because there’s no better coach that will put you in position to be successful. And here’s the thing man, if he does that…Bruh. I’m trying to tell you – that would solidify Bill Belichick as the GOAT of ALL GOATS.”

During an interview with the Scoop B Radio Podcast back in May, NFL legend Tiki Barber predicted that Newton could become a New England Patriot. He then gave account of how critics could question his ability. “I think what you’re starting to hear is as good as Cam is or has been, he could be if he’s not the starter,” said Barber.

“He becomes a little bit of the big elephant in the quarterback room. Because his persona. Like who he is, is going to dominate that quarterback room. He’s going to dominate whatever room that he’s sitting in. And if he’s the backup, it’s just not going to feel right. I think a lot of teams and head coaches are a little bit weary of that.”

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