Packers HOF QB Reveals True Feelings on Reggie White & Warren Sapp

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Getty In a recent Sports Illustrated piece, Brett Favre was among seven Packers named in a list of 100 figures who helped shape the current picture of the NFL.

Lane Johnson has been missing from Eagles practice for almost a week but his “Outside the Lane” podcast is still churning out hits.

Don’t worry, Johnson isn’t expected to miss Week 1 or any significant time. And the team’s starting right tackle recently hosted Brett Favre on his weekly YouTube show where the two touched on a bevy of interesting topics. The short 20-minute interview was fun and informative as the 50-year-old Hall-of-Fame quarterback dishes on his best teammate and the biggest trash talker he ever lined up against.

Favre also had a few nice things to say about Eagles coach Doug Pederson, the man who backed him up in Green Bay for almost a decade. Remember, Pederson invited Favre to give a pep talk to his team prior to Super Bowl LII.

“Doug was perfect for me,” Favre told Johnson. “He was perfect for me because he understood me … he could relay things to the coaches in a better way than maybe I could relay things to them, and we were a perfect duo. I hated that I didn’t get to play with him longer.”

Pederson and Favre played spent seven years as teammates on the Packers and won the Super Bowl in 1997. Johnson talked about Pederson being a players’ coach, kind of like a parent — something Favre hinted at when he talked about him being able to relay things better than he could.

“That’s how he is as a coach,” Johnson said. “He’s got a great read on players.”

Outside The Lane: Episode 14 Brett FavrePhiladelphia Eagles' Lane Johnson hosts "Outside The Lane" show with special guest Brett Favre (first few minutes cut off due to connection issues). Live from Philadelphia. #OTL2020-08-22T19:00:05Z

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Reggie White: ‘No One On His Level’

There was no other player on the same level as Reggie White, according to Favre. The former Packers quarterback called him the “best player” he ever played with, no question.

From the way the 13-time Pro Bowl pass rusher conducted himself in the locker room to the methods he used to demoralize opponents on the field. No one was better. Favre had a great example when he cited White throwing Cowboys right tackle, Larry Allen, around like a “little rag doll.”

“No one was on his level,” Favre said. “He took Larry Allen, whose in the Hall of Fame, and he threw him like a little rag doll. Everybody that Reggie went against, at some point, they got … Reggie called it ‘The Club’ … he was the best player by far that I ever played with. He was by far the best player when you lump in every category: leadership, hard work, preparation, physical ability. He knew when to jump. He knew when they were going to cut him. He knew when they were going to try and anchor down and hip toss him … he was just over and beyond any player.”

Warren Sapp Liked to Talk … A Lot

White took the title of best teammate, but Warren Sapp had a much more dubious distinction. The former Buccaneers defensive tackle was the best trash talker and the two enjoyed some great battles, especially from 1996-2001 when they played in the same division. The old NFC Central was replaced by the new NFC North.

“Warren Sapp, he was virtually unblockable,” Favre said. “And, on top of that, he was the best trash talker there. So on top of him kicking your butt, he was telling you about it the whole time. He by far takes the cake as the best trash talker. I ended up with him on top of me because we couldn’t block him and he would tell you, ‘You can’t block me, this is going to be a long day for you’ and most of the time he was right.”

Sapp was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2013 after recording 96.5 career sacks in 13 NFL seasons. His 11 sacks on Favre were the most Sapp had on any individual player.

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