Agiye Hall Arrest Report Reveals New Details: ‘I’ll Bash Your Head In’

agiye hall arrest incident report

University of Texas Agiye Hall was arrested after police said he destroyed a parking boot on his orange Dodge Challenger, pictured here in the incident report.

Agiye Hall told a University of Texas Police Department officer, “Let me catch you outside, I swear to God I’ll bash your head in,” while he was being arrested on a criminal mischief charge on August 11, 2022, police said in an incident report obtained by Heavy. The report also provides other new details about the incident and Hall’s previously unreported run-ins with the law.

The former Alabama wide receiver, who transferred to the Longhorns this spring after a season with the Crimson Tide, was upset because his Dodge Challenger had been booted by University of Texas Parking and Transportation services, according to the report.

Officers said they witnessed Hall using a tire iron to bash the parking boot and then trying to drive off with it still on his car, causing $600 in damage, the report states. Multiple officers had to use force to restrain Hall, according to the report, and his arrest was witnessed by fellow Longhorns players and coaches.

agiye hall parking boot orange dodge challenger car

University of Texas PoliceThe damaged parking boot on Agiye Hall’s orange Dodge Challenger.

Hall, who has not commented about his arrest, was charged with criminal mischief, a class B misdemeanor, according to the report. Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian suspended the 19-year-old sophomore indefinitely after his arrest, the university announced. Texas kicks off its season on September 3 against University of Louisiana-Monroe and then welcomes Hall’s former Alabama teammates to Austin on September 10.

Hall is scheduled to appear in court in Travis County on September 29, 2022. He was released on $200 bond the morning after his arrest. If convicted, Hall faces up to 180 days in jail along with a possible fine of up to $2,000, according to Texas state law. Hall tweeted on August 12 in response to a tweet about the university’s parking department, “been comin for my car since i got their.”

Hall Kicked & Screamed While in the Back of a Police Car & Told a Texas Football Coach He Would ‘Beat the S*** Out of These People,’ According to the Report

agiye hall arrest report

University of Texas PoliceA portion of the incident report from the arrest of Agiye Hall.

University of Texas Police said in the report obtained by Heavy that the incident began about 7:30 p.m. on August 11. Hall was “irate over having his vehicle booted,” and an officer told him “not to remove or damage the boot” because it was university property and he could be criminally charged, according to the report.

Officer Tiffany Chang wrote she arrived to witness Hall, “swinging a four-pointed tire iron at the parking boot. I saw the suspect swing the tire Iron multiple times, get inside his vehicle to attempt to reverse off of the parking boot, and then kick the remains of parking boot off of the wheel axle.”

agiye hall car

University of Texas PoliceA photo of Agiye Hall’s car.

Chang added, “The parking boot was damaged to the point that part of it shattered and it completely separated from the wheel of Hall`s vehicle. Hall had been warned previously by multiple officers to not damage the parking boot. I attempted to handcuff Hall. Initially, Hall did not place his hands behind his back. I informed Hall that he was being arrested for Criminal Mischief. It took multiple officers to hold Hall’s arms in place in order for Officer Henry to handcuff him. Officer Frame was able to gain control of Hall’s left arm after struggling with him. Hall’s football teammates and coaches arrived on scene and began to observe us.”

According to Chang’s report, when she tried to put him in the back seat of a police vehicle he told her he wasn’t going into the car and when another officer tried to talk to him, Hall said, “Let me catch you outside, I swear to God I’ll bash your head in.” Chang added that once Hall was put into the car, he began to “scream and kick the bottom of the vehicle cage.” Chang wrote that an unidentified Longhorns football coach tried to talk to Hall, but he wouldn’t listen and screamed “f*** multiple times.”

Officer Andrew Converse said in his report he saw Hall and, “was aware of a previous call, due to monitoring radio traffic and dispatch, of a vehicle … that had been booted by Parking and Transportation. The call and dispatch advised that there were previous problems with the driver, and that he had become aggressive in the past when his vehicle was booted.” Converse wrote in his report:

I was approached by Hall, who calmly asked why his vehicle was booted. I explained to him that UTPD did not deploy boots, issue parking citations, or do anything of that nature related to vehicles. Hall stated he understood and walked toward his parked vehicle. Due to my prior knowledge of the aforementioned call, I put this information out over the radio air for situational awareness. A few minutes later I witnessed Hall begin interacting with the ‘boot’ as if he was trying to remove it.

I activated my bodycam and approached Hall. I called for additional units. I told Hall that he shouldn’t be interacting, removing or damaging the boot, as it was University property. Hall started becoming increasingly angrier, and told me that he was booted because he was parked outside the lines. I told Hall, again, that I did not know any specifics of why his car was booted, but that he would catch an additional charge if he damaged the property. Hall, quite angrily, stated something to the extent of, ‘…I don’t give a f***!’

Hall took out a tire iron from inside his car, and began bashing the tire boot attached to his front driver side wheel. Hall did this with a significant amount of force.

According to Converse, “A crowd of fellow athletes and students began forming in the area.” He said two other officers went “hands-on” with Hall as he kept the crowd away, Converse wrote in his report. He said some in the crowd were trying to help and told Hall “chill man!”

Converse wrote, “Hall began resisting, but was eventually physically controlled and arrested for criminal mischief. Hall continued screaming, and making verbal threats of physical violence to officers on scene. After Hall was secured in the rear of a police patrol vehicle, I spoke to some of the athletes and coaches in the area.”

agiye hall incident report

University of TexasA section of the incident report from the arrest of Agiye Hall.

Officer Beck Leider wrote in his report:

Upon arrival, I observed Mr. Hall standing over the vehicle boot (located on the driver’s side front tire), and attempting to remove pieces from the boot with a stainless cross tire iron. Officer Converse informed me that he warned Mr. Hall several times that he would be charged with damaging University property, Mr. Hall had total disregard and continued to work on the vehicle boot. Mr. Hall was able to open the boot partially and believed it was enough to set him free. Mr. Hall put the tire iron back into the trunk of the vehicle, and attempted to drive away. Mr. Hall was quick to realize he had not defeated the vehicle boot and was not able to drive away.

Mr. Hall even backed up a little further and tried to take a running start at it. When Mr. Hall exhausted all efforts, he exited his vehicle and retrieved the tire iron from the trunk again. This time Mr. Hall began to beat the vehicle boot with the tire iron, causing extensive damage. Mr. Hall then put the tire iron back into the trunk of his vehicle, and once again attempted to drive away. Even though the vehicle boot was damaged, it still held the vehicle in place. Mr. Hall got the tire iron out a third time and began to beat the vehicle boot again, causing more damage. At this time I was informed by SGT. DeStasi to place Mr. Hall under arrest.

Leider added, “I waited until Mr. Hall put the tire iron back into the trunk of his vehicle, before taking control of his right arm. As I did I informed Mr. Hall that he was under arrest. Mr. Hall immediately attempted to pull away stating ‘don’t touch me.'”

Leider wrote, “Mr. Hall was sweating profusely and was very difficult to take control of. Finally after numerous hands on techniques only, Officer Frame and I were able to get his hands behind his back. Officer Henery placed the handcuffs on Mr. Hall and she and Officer Frame escorted him to the patrol car.” Leider said he spoke to a university parking department employee who told him the boot was valued at $600.

agiye hall police report

University of TexasA section of the Agiye Hall police report.

Officer Trevin Frame wrote in his report, “I assisted Officer Leider by grabbing Mr. Hall’s left wrist. Mr. Hall was sweating profusely and was resisting my attempt to push his hand behind his back. I then utilized a control technique called a Kimura to reinforce my grip on his arm. I utilized this technique because Mr. Hall’s arm was slippery and he was physically stronger than me. I applied this technique by grabbing his left wrist with my right hand, placing my left arm over his left tricep and under his left forearm. I connected my left hand to my right wrist. I attempted to use the strength of both my arms to push his left arm behind his back.”

Frame added, “Mr. Hall flexed his arms and would not let me push his arms behind his back. I received assistance from Sergeant Destasi and Officer Henry who helped pull his arm behind his back. I did not apply any pressure to Mr. Hall’s shoulder and was not able to gain any leverage by using the Kimura.”

According to Frame’s report as Hall was being put into a police car he, “told another UT Football coach that he would, ‘Beat the s*** out these people.’ I closed the door and turned on the air-conditioning so he could cool off.”

Hall Threatened a University of Texas Parking Employee During a Previous Incident & Was Arrested After a May Traffic Crash in Florida, the Report Reveals

agiye hall threat

UT PoliceAgiye Hall was arrested by University of Texas Police.

On August 15, Sarkisian told reporters, Hall’s suspension, “was not something that was based off of one incident, this is something that was a body of work that I felt like I need to help the young man and that’s what we’re going to do.”

The arrest report reveals Hall had also been involved in an earlier incident with campus parking staff in which university employees called 911 to report him for reckless driving. An officer wrote in the report she recognized Hall from the previous incident and said, “During that call, Hall made threats in which he stated that he could kill the P&T employee that reported him.” Further details about that incident were not immediately available, but there are no pending charges in Travis County in connection to it.

But the incident report reveals Hall does have another pending criminal case in his home state of Florida. While he was being transported to the Travis County jail, Hall told officers he had previously been arrested in Hillsborough County.

According to court documents obtained by Heavy, Hall was arrested there in March 2022 and charged with leaving the scene of an accident causing damage. The police report in that case states he caused $800 of damage during a crash and left the scene without exchanging information. He has a September 7 court date in Hillsborough County, court records show.

Hall was arrested on March 18, 2022. On April 6, Alabama football coach Nick Saban suspended Hall while providing few details. Saban told reporters at the time, “He is suspended from the team for violations of some team rules, whether they’re academic or whatever. It doesn’t really matter. Everybody has a responsibility and obligation to respect the principles and values and do what they need to do. They’re all there to help them be more successful, so to respect those and do those are always really helpful.” Hall then left Alabama after his suspension.

Hall was also arrested on a misdemeanor traffic charge in Florida in 2020 accusing him of driving with a suspended or revoked license and was cited twice that same year for non-criminal traffic offenses, accusing him of speeding, Hillsborough County records show.

Hall Was a 4-Star Recruit & Went to Texas With Hopes of Earning More Playing Time After a Season in Tuscaloosa Spent Mostly on the Sidelines

Hall enrolled at Texas after entering the transfer portal this spring following one season with the Tide. He appeared in seven games at Alabama, catching four passes for 72 yards. Hall, who was a four-star recruit coming out of the Tampa area, had two catches in the Tide’s National Championship game loss after Jameson Williams was injured.

Hall, who shined during Alabama’s spring game in 2021, vented about his playing time on Twitter during the season, including a deleted tweet in October saying, “Yea nah , calling it quits,” according to BamaOnLine.

Saban told reporters after that tweet, according to BamaOnLine, “It is what it is. But look, it still comes down to players creating value for themselves by what they do. I’ve said this before, that there’s players that have talent but they have to learn how to use it and they have to use it in an effective way in the way they practice.”

agiye hall arrest police report details

GettyFormer Alabama and current Texas wide receiver Agiye Hall makes a catch for the Tide during the 2022 National Championship game.

Saban added, “If players are competitors, they probably will be frustrated that they’re not playing. But it’s how do you respond to that? What do you do to respond to that in a positive way that’s gonna help you improve your circumstances in the future? And the way to do that is do the right things and go out and practice and play well so that not only but your teammates and everybody in the organization can trust you to go do what you’re supposed to do.”

Hall told 24/7 Sports after he transferred, “One thing that really stood out is the culture. Bama fans — they’re not really loving, if I could say — even when you leave. Texas fans are like a family. They love you unconditionally. They want the best for you and want to make sure you’re striving to be the best person you are, whether it’s people in the stands, players or coaches. They’re all connected, which is a good thing.”