Doug Pederson Might Not Be ‘Totally Unhappy’ If Eagles Fire Him: Report

Doug Pederson

Getty Doug Pederson guided the Eagles to a Super Bowl title in 2018 and is sticking with the "world championship" offense that got him there.

Anyone who listens to Doug Pederson’s press conferences can hear the frustration in his voice and in his meandering answers. He is guiding what appears to be a sinking ship with no Flex Tape. There have been growing calls that Pederson could be let go if the Eagles don’t win the NFC East.

Maybe that’s what he wants. According to The Inquirer’s Paul Domowitch, Pederson “wouldn’t be totally unhappy if he ends up getting fired.” His stress level over losing as well as a perceived unequal say in personnel decisions, including whether to bench Carson Wentz, has reportedly made the job unbearable.

It’s not the first time this theory has been thrown out there either. Here’s what Domowitch wrote about the deteriorating situation in Philadelphia:

Doug Pederson clearly is frustrated right now with what’s happening. There are people both inside and outside of the organization who have told me he wouldn’t be totally unhappy if he ends up getting fired. He won’t have any trouble getting another head job. He might have more say over personnel someplace else.

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Comes Down to ‘Looking in the Mirror’

Pederson has talked ad nauseam about what he’s doing to “fix” Wentz and his accuracy issues. He has gone back and looked at game tape from his 2017 MVP campaign, plus highlights from 2018 and 2019. It’s still hard for the Eagles’ play-caller to pinpoint exactly what’s broken with his franchise quarterback.

“It comes down to just each person, each player, each coach taking a look at yourself, looking in the mirror, see what you see,” Pederson said. “If you don’t like what you see, we got to change, and you got to make improvements and you got to get better.”

Wentz knows that and definitely points the finger at himself. But at the end of the day, he trusts the gameplan the coaching staff hands him, without too much static or input.

“I’ve given my two cents here and there, but I also trust the coaches that they are going to put together the best plan possible,” Wentz said. “I think they’ve done a good job. There are a lot of different minds up there that we’re trying to bring to one concise gameplan, and I think we’re going a good job of that.”

Better Have Thick Skin in Philly

Former Eagles president Joe Banner was recently quizzed on Pederson’s frustration level in Philly, too. He worked with the long-time assistant during his tenure as a quality control coach, so he thinks he has a pretty good gauge on what makes Pederson tick. He doesn’t see a man quitting on his players or wanting to get fired.

“Philadelphia is a tough place to play or coach or work in a front office. You’d better have thick skin,” Banner told The Inquirer. “If he is — and I doubt he is — reaching the point where he’s kind of had it, he’s probably just frustrated with internal dynamics and maybe some things that he had to do that didn’t work out, or things that he would like to do that he isn’t being allowed to do.”

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