Bryson DeChambeau Does Not Have a Wife But Married to the Game of Golf

Bryson DeChambeau girlfriend

Getty Bryson DeChambeau does not have a wife.

Bryson DeChambeau does not have a wife, but the golfer lives up to the popular phrase “married to the game.” Few golfers are as passionate about golf as Dechambeau, who is a frequent YouTuber sharing tutorials on how amateurs can improve their game.

DeChambeau’s dating life has sparked plenty of interest, but the golfer has not been public about his current relationship status. At one point, DeChambeau’s girlfriend was Hunter Nugent who shared a passion for golf. Golf Monthly reported in April 2023 that they are no longer dating.

Most recently, DeChambeau was linked to Lilia Schneider, but there are no signs the two are dating. Schneider was spotted with DeChambeau at a LIV Golf event which fueled speculation.

Yet, DeChambeau’s Instagram page is absent of any dating interest. Instead, DeChambeau posts videos with popular golf content creators like Paige Spiranac and Rick Shiels.

Bryson DeChambeau Does Not Appear to Have a Girlfriend But Is Back to Playing Good Golf

DeChambeau has transformed from one of the more polarizing players on the PGA Tour. Yet, since joining LIV Golf, DeChambeau appears to have won over patrons during major events.

DeChambeau has been in contention to win recent 2024 majors like the Masters and PGA Championship. After a strong start at the PGA Championship, DeChambeau was spotted by Golf Channel during their nightly recap show working on the driving range late at night. Back in 2020, DeChambeau hinted that Augusta National was an easy course for him and has since admitted he has grown as a person since his earlier days on the PGA Tour.

“The comment was definitely misinterpreted. I said it and I respect people’s opinions on it,” DeChambeau explained during an April 11, 2024 press conference. “For me, I have a level of respect for this golf course. It’s a little bit different than a couple years ago, and clearly today was a great test of golf.

“I was able to conquer a very difficult golf course today. In regard to the 67 comment, you mess up. I’m not a perfect person. Everybody messes up, and you learn from your mistakes and that was definitely one.”

Bryson DeChambeau on the Change in Fan Support: ‘I’ve Worked Really Hard’

Heading into the final round of the 2024 PGA Championship, DeChambeau admitted to feeling more support from fans during tournaments. DeChambeau pointed to his YouTube videos as a way for fans to see a different side of him potentially gaining their trust.

“Yeah, I mean, I’ve worked really hard to have people hopefully understand who I am a little bit better, and YouTube’s been a great platform to help that out,” DeChambeau told reporters on May 18. “And the ‘Break 50’ series are a lot of fun. I love doing it. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a challenge that’s never been done, nor accomplished without any strokes.

“And so, it just keeps my brain fresh and in an entertainment mode and realizing what the game’s all about. Not just for myself and winning money or winning trophies, but entertaining as well. Obviously, we all want to win trophies but being able to entertain the fans is what we’re all here to do. And I think that’s what’s the most important thing.”

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