Scottie Scheffler & Wife Meredith Give First Look at New Baby

Meredith Scheffler

Getty Scottie Scheffler and wife Meredith Scheffler just welcomed their first baby to the world ahead of the PGA Championship.

Months after being on baby watch during the 2024 Masters, Scottie Scheffler and wife Meredith Scheffler welcomed their first child to the world ahead of PGA Championship. Scheffler took to Instagram to reveal the new baby just days before the major tournament began. According to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, the couple welcomed their first child to the world on May 8, 2024.

“Welcome to the world little one,” Scottie detailed in a May 14 Instagram post. “Your mom & dad love you so much.”

Meredith had been Scottie’s longtime girlfriend dating back to high school. The couple got married on December 4, 2020.

Scottie made headlines during the Masters for admitting that he planned to leave the tournament if Meredith went into labor. The star golfer sounded relieved after winning his second green jacket with the baby still on the way.

“I’ll be home as quick as I can,” Scottie explained after winning the Masters during an April 14 interview with CBS’ Jim Nantz. “Yeah, I love you, and I’m coming home. That’s all.

“… It’s a very, very special time for both of us. I can’t put into words what it means to win this tournament again. I really can’t put into words what it’s going to be like to be a father for the first time. So, looking forward to getting home and celebrating with Meredith. It’s been a long week here without her, but just looking forward to getting home.”

Here’s a look at the newest addition to the Scheffler family.

Scottie Scheffler & Wife Meredith Call Dallas, Texas Home

The couple has yet to reveal the new baby’s name, providing few details other than the photo ahead of the PGA Championship. When Scottie is not at PGA Tour events, the couple call Dallas, Texas home.

“When we moved to Dallas, it was pretty uncomfortable for my parents,” Scheffler explained to Golf Digest during a February 2022 interview. “Basically uprooted their whole lives, everything they knew to come here where they didn’t really know anybody besides my mom’s boss.

“… Dallas became home pretty quickly for us as kids, and I couldn’t really imagine living anywhere else. All her family pretty much lives here. All my family pretty much lives here. So, Dallas is home for us.”

Scottie Scheffler’s Wife Meredith Describes the Star Golfer as a ‘Down-to-Earth Guy’

Scottie Scheffler wife

GettyScottie Scheffler and wife Meredith Scheffler live in Dallas.

Meredith has described her husband as being a “down-to-earth guy.” Scottie’s wife explained what attracted her to the golfer when they first started dating.

“At the beginning of high school I always thought he had a super humble ambiance about him, that he was just a really down-to-earth guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously,” Meredith told Golf Digest in February 2022. “Even when he had amazing accomplishments, that wasn’t the most important thing about him.”

During the 2024 Masters, Scottie labeled the arrival of their baby as the “most exciting thing for us.” The PGA Championship marks Scottie’s first tournament he has played since becoming a father.

“Going into Sunday [final round of 2022 Masters], I think Meredith and I were just a little bit emotional about what was going on at the time, because our lives were changing at a very rapid pace,” Scottie noted during an April 13 press conference. “And I think now we’ve settled into a little bit more of where our lives are at. And right now, the most exciting thing for us is not winning the Masters. It’s a baby coming here pretty soon.”

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