2x NASCAR Champ Joey Logano Loves Telling Special Car Stories [EXCLUSIVE]

Joey Logano

Getty Joey Logano has detailed his love of cars.

Team Penske’s Joey Logano has used his YouTube channel to highlight some unique cars with his “Carography” video series. Creating this content isn’t mandatory, but he does it so he can hear some important stories.

Prior to winning his second Cup Series championship, Logano sat down with Heavy for a discussion about multiple topics. He used the opportunity to explain why he created “Carography” and how his favorite part is learning why certain people like specific cars.

Carography with Joey Logano IntroCarography with Joey Logano is a video series showcasing unique cars from @Joey Logano 's personal collection and telling the story behind them. Fans also have the opportunity to submit a special vehicle of their own to be featured within the series.2020-05-04T20:15:27Z

“The ‘Carography’ piece is so much fun for me,” Logano told Heavy. “I’m a car guy. I love cars. And I love — maybe as much as the cars — I love the stories that come along with them and the memories that people have and that emotional connection you have when you drive something. It all kind of comes back to you, right?

“Whether it’s your grandparent’s car or something you did with your dad or your mom or you grew up around this car. Or, it was the car that was on the poster in your bedroom when you were a kid. I like that connection.”

Not Every Car Appeals to Every Person

Joey Logano

GettyJoey Logano poses with his championship trophy.

One thing that Logano has learned while creating this video series is that people have unique tastes in vehicles. Not every car appeals to every person.

The YouTube series is a fitting example. Logano has highlighted some unique cars. He showed off Daniel Suarez‘s VW collection, Ryan Blaney’s 1985 Ford Bronco, a custom motorcycle with colors matching Logano’s Cup Series car, a 1961 Ford Econoline, a Fox Body Ford Mustang, and a “Mad Max” – inspired Rat Rod among others.

Each time Logano or his guests put these vehicles on display, they spent time explaining why they own them. The Fox Body, in particular, was a pace car that had been left under a tree in Tuscon, Ari. An EMT went through and restored the car with his son after attending his first NASCAR race.

“The reason why people own the car, to me, is so cool to learn and hear and what makes it special,” Logano explained. “Because you and I might walk right by a car and go, ‘Yeah, kind of cool, but whatever. On to the next one.’ But to that person, that is everything. And understanding why is always a really fun story.”

Logano Has New Episodes on the Way

Logano has only released 10 episodes of “Carography” so far. Three have featured his fellow NASCAR drivers while others have focused on cars owned by himself or everyday people.

The driver of the No. 22 Team Penske Ford has confirmed that he has more episodes of the YouTube series on the way. A few are already filmed and edited. They are just waiting for release. Logano also has plans to film some more when he has a chance.

Logano hasn’t provided any hints about the cars and personalities that will appear in future episodes of “Carography.” He was certainly open to some suggestions that featured a former teammate. That information will not be available until much later. However, one thing is clear — Logano will most likely highlight some impressive horsepower.

“I like big motors,” Logano said. “That’s one thing. There has never been enough horsepower. Not yet. Not in anything I’ve ever driven. I’ve never felt too much. So yeah, I love that.”

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