Tom Thibodeau Addresses Future With Knicks After Game 7 Loss

Tom Thibodeau

Getty Tom Thibodeau during Game Seven against the Indiana Pacers on May 19.

That’s a wrap for the New York Knicks in 2023-2024, following a Game 7 loss to the Indiana Pacers. Now they head for an offseason where the front office will face a number of big decisions.

The first of which very well may be the future of head coach Tom Thibodeau, who has one year remaining on his five-year contract. New York is expected to engage him in extension talks in the offseason.

Thibodeau spoke about the looming extension talks with reporters after Game 7 on May 19.

“That’s something that my agent will take care of,” Thibodeau said. “The Knicks have been great to me. This is where I wanna be.”

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported on Thibodeau’s expected contract negotiations on a May 15 episode of “Run It Back.”

“He’s going to be entering the final year of his contract next season,” Charania said. “You’re not going to let a coach like Tom Thibodeau go into a lame duck year, so that’s why I’m told both sides will discuss a new deal in the offseason. The Knicks very much want to lock in Tom Thibodeau long-term.”

Charania went on to shed light on the potential dollar mark Thibodeau has earned in four seasons with the Knicks.

“He’s at about a $7 million per season right on his current deal, and we see where these coaching contracts are going,” Charania continued. “And so it wouldn’t surprise anyone if his next deal approaches eight figures.”

New York has gone 175-143 in four regular seasons under Thibodeau.

They’re 14-29 in the playoffs in three separate postseasons: 2021, 2023, and 2024.

It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when, and for how much the Knicks extend Thibodeau on his next deal.

Jalen Brunson on Thibs: ‘He’s Evolved’

Trust that if the New York players have a say, Thibodeau will be around for a long time.

Jalen Brunson praised his head coach after the Game 7 loss.

“I think Thibs has the same mindset we do as a team,” Brunson told reporters. “Thibs is the reason why we have that mindset. Thibs is the reason why we, night in and night out we fight to the best of our abilities. Even though things may not be in our favor result wise, he makes sure that we have that mindset night in and night out.”

And as to how Thibodeau has evolved or grown, Brunson says it’s the players trust that most highlights his growth as a coach.

“I think he’s evolved,” Brunson continued. “He sees everything that everyone says. I think when it comes to us, we don’t really care what people on the outside think of us. We don’t care what people say, positive or negative. We go forward with what we believe is the best course of action inside this building, inside this organization. I think the way he’s evolved is that his players in that locker room have his back no matter what.”

Miles McBride Weighs in on Thibs

Miles McBride‘s journey with the Knicks isn’t a perfect one.

He’s gone from playing 9.5 minutes per game his rookie season, to 19.5 his third year, and 25.6 per game in the 2024 playoffs.

When asked about his experience with Thibs, McBride had only good things to say.

“He’s believed in me from the start,” McBride told SNY on May 19. “Obviously my first years I didn’t play as much. But he told me to stay patient, keep working, and it will show. So like other guys feel, I think he’s built a great foundation for us. I think moving forward, obviously that’s up to management, I don’t make those decisions. I’m gonna leave it at that.”

Thibodeau’s contract extension highlights New York’s offseason at the top of their to-do list.

He wants it, and the players want it. And given his body of work in four seasons, there’s little reason for either side to not move forward.

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