Jets’ Robert Saleh Hints at Exciting Byproduct of Breece Hall’s Emergence

Breece Hall

Getty New York Jets running back Breece Hall during the Week 6 victory over the Green Bay Packers.

The New York Jets have made a clear pivot in offensive strategy since Zach Wilson returned from injury.

To be clear, this is what most expected the Jets’ offense to look like at the beginning of the season — a heavy dosage of a deception-based ground-and-pound game plan that involves both running backs, as well as the speedy wide receivers on backfield motions.

Offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur got away from this with Joe Flacco under center but the rushing attack has gained momentum over the past few weeks due to Breece Hall’s emergence. That allows for more play-action passing and according to head coach Robert Saleh, a potential breakout for the receiving corps.

Robert Saleh Talks Breece Hall & Elijah Moore With Rich Eisen

Jets HC Robert Saleh on Sauce’s Cheesehead & Elijah Moore’s Trade Demand | The Rich Eisen ShowJets Head Coach Robert Saleh tells Rich Eisen how he reacted to Sauce Gardner donning a cheesehead hat after their road win over the Green Bay Packers and comments on WR Elijah Moore’s trade request. Tune in to the Emmy-nominated Rich Eisen Show live for FREE on The Roku Channel at and also streaming…2022-10-22T00:00:01Z

During “The Rich Eisen Show” with Rich Eisen himself, Saleh discussed his new bell-cow running back, although he wasn’t ready to call him that.

“People better not sleep on Michael [Carter],” the Jets HC began, like a father talking about his many sons. “We’ve got two backs that can go off at any moment.”

He continued: “As it pertains to Breece, he’s the hot hand right now and he’s done a lot of really really good things but just like I’d say about Quinnen [Williams], eventually teams are going to gear down to try to stop ya and it’s like — great, do that because then it’s going to create one-on-one opportunities for Carl Lawson, it’s going to create one-on-one opportunities for Michael Carter, it’s going to create one-on-one opportunities for Corey Davis and all the other receivers.”

That’s when he hinted that the best is yet to come for this offense, predicting an exciting byproduct of Hall’s reign of terror.

“His emergence is awesome because it’s going to create opportunities for all the guys that we feel like will strive in a one-on-one situation,” Saleh concluded, “so we’re excited about the direction that it’s going obviously.”

That answer from Saleh did bring up the question of Elijah Moore, who has been frustrated with his lack of targets. The dynamic wideout is one of the pieces that the Jets HC is indirectly talking about in his response, but will he remain in New York long enough to see the result of Hall’s large shadow?

It’s a touchy subject within the fanbase right now, but Saleh has been very clear on his stance.

“I’m gonna go on record,” he preluded, “Elijah’s a good kid. Obviously, whenever you do something like this perceptions can be made and perception is reality and all that stuff, but Elijah’s a good kid. He’s an absolute competitor and wants to help this team win.”

“He’s going to be a big part of why we are successful,” Saleh reinforced. “We’re not trading Elijah for all the reasons why another team would love to have him. Well, we love that we have him and he’s going to be a big part of this.”

Robert Saleh’s Thoughts on the Cheesehead Celebration

While speaking with Eisen, Saleh also discussed Sauce Gardner’s viral celebration after the victory over the Green Bay Packers.

“If you know Sauce, you laugh,” Saleh responded, “because you know his personality. He doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body and he was just embracing the moment and having a good time.”

The Jets HC did admit that if someone else had done it, the postgame antics could have been perceived differently and even jerkish.

“Now, do you want to do that? Show up your opponent?” Saleh continued. “You never want to do that but knowing where his heart is and what he was doing, everyone in this building and anyone who [has] had a conversation with him knows he doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body.”

Considering how little the Jets play the Packers, who knows if anyone will remember this moment at any point in the future. For now, it’s on to Denver.

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