Chris Jones Receives Message From Tyreek Hill After Re-Signing With Chiefs

Chris Jones and Tyreek Hill trade social media messages after Chiefs extension.

Getty Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill sent a message to Chris Jones after news of his contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Former Kansas City Chiefs teammates Chris Jones and Tyreek Hill have not been shy about trash-talking with one another ever since the latter was traded to the Miami Dolphins.

During podcasts and interviews, Hill has often likened the social media banter to a brotherly rivalry — expressing no ill will toward Jones or the Chiefs — but there has been a time or two where the relationship between the two superstars has felt tense, to say the least.

After Jones inked his new record-breaking deal in order to stay in Kansas City on March 9, however, Hill showed the defensive lineman nothing but love on X, voicing: “Draft buddy Chris happy for my boy ❤️.”

In the past, Hill has talked about the fact that he and Jones entered the league together in 2016, as members of the same draft class. The wide receiver appears to be doing that here once again, referring to the game-wrecker as his “draft buddy.”

Jones did reply to this congratulatory message, writing: “Appreciate it brotha.”

If there was ever any bad blood between the two NFL playmakers, it appears to be squashed for now. Of course, that could change ahead of the next Chiefs-Dolphins matchup.

Chiefs Hand Chris Jones Contract Tyreek Hill Was Never Offered

Hill might very well be happy for his former teammate, but this moment is symbolic in a sense. A couple of years ago, the wideout was in a similar spot as Jones and the Chiefs elected to trade Hill rather than pay him top dollar — effectively resetting the market at his position.

Sure, Kansas City did right by Hill. They dealt him to a location he preferred (Miami) and to a team willing to hand him the contract he desired.

Having said that, they weren’t willing to go all-in on Hill the same way they just rewarded Jones.

At the end of the day, both players have been compensated beyond their wildest dreams and neither will ever truly complain about the way things went down. But one can imagine that the big-money contract is that much sweeter coming from the Chiefs.

Chiefs CB L’Jarius Sneed May Follow the Path of Tyreek Hill

Ironically, cornerback L’Jarius Sneed might find himself relating to Hill when all is said and done. If the KC ends up trading the shutdown defensive back — and it’s been reported that they have allowed him to seek a trade — a new franchise will likely pay him as the Dolphins paid “the Cheetah.”

Their respective paths would be even more identical if Sneed is traded to Miami.

ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler discussed the latest free agency and trade buzz on March 10, and he connected the Dolphins to the cornerback once again.

“GM Chris Grier is always good for a sizable move or two,” Fowler stated within his article. “What about pairing Jalen Ramsey with a corner like L’Jarius Sneed?”

He added that “I believe Miami has at least looked into it.”

The Dolphins would have to rework their cap space a bit to fit Sneed into their long-term plans — and it’s unclear if the Chiefs would send the CB to a potential AFC contender — but it’s not the first time Miami has been linked as a suitor.

A Sneed trade is expected in the coming weeks but could occur as soon as today or tomorrow (March 10 or 11) with free agency set begin on March 13.