NFL Fans Point out Typo on Chiefs’ Super Bowl Ring [LOOK]

NFL fans point out typo on Chiefs' 2024 Super Bowl ring.

Getty Kansas City Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes II.

There seems to be a misprint on the Kansas City Chiefs’ 2024 Super Bowl ring. 33rd Team NFL insider Ari Meirov shared the “typo” — which NFL fans first pointed out — on X for all to see on June 14.

“The Chiefs’ Super Bowl ring appears to have a typo, listing the [Miami] Dolphins as the 7th seed when they were actually the 6th seed,” Meirov explained. Adding that “the [Pittsburgh] Steelers were the No. 7 seed.”

Fortunately, the error isn’t all that visible being that it’s written on the inner engraving of the ring. The scores of each playoff win are all noted correctly, and it’s certainly a unique idea for the inside of a Super Bowl ring, but the execution on the seeding feels sloppy.

Assuming the real product matches the video evidence shared by the Chiefs account itself, this is a blunder that could have easily been avoided.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Flexes With 3 Super Bowl Rings

Several Chiefs players took to social media with pictures of their Super Bowl rings, including quarterback Patrick Mahomes II.

“BIG ME ⏰,” Mahomes flexed on X with a photo of three rings on one hand.

On Mahomes, the Chiefs’ official X account also asked that everyone address the current face of the league as “MR. THREE-TIME” from now on.

All-Pro cornerback Trent McDuffie posted on X too, writing: “2x couldn’t be more blessed!!! Love this team and love Chiefs Kingdom… #LFG.”

And a very motivated Justin Reid (safety) said: “What blessing tonight was! I’m headed to bed on top of the world tonight. BACK TO WORK TMRW! 😤 #3peat”

“Got one ring now I want another….” Edge rusher Charles Omenihu added on a similar note.

While several other staff and media members sent out pictures with their rings, including play-by-play announcer Mitch Holthus and team reporter Matt McMullen. “Life is good!” McMullen commented happily.

Details of Chiefs’ 2024 Super Bowl Ring

Outside of the minor typo, this is a really beautiful championship prize for each member of the organization. This year’s ring was made with 529 diamonds and 38 rubies, and features four Lombardi trophies on the face — representing the franchise’s four NFL titles.

The designer, Jostens, shared all of the intricate details of the ring on X, including the specific number of diamonds and rubies used for each section of the product. As you can see, nothing was done by accident.

On one side, the message reads: “BACK-TO-BACK” with the official 2024 Super Bowl logo and the team initials KC and SF. Below the Super Bowl logo, that panel also says, “OVERTIME,” along with the final score.

On the opposite side, you have each player’s last name and jersey number. As well as Kansas City’s four championship years and “CHIEFS KINGDOM.” Mahomes’ ring also features MVP and captain (C) tags, although that would only be specific to him.

GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium is visible in the background of this panel too, along with a small tribute to Chiefs fans and the recorded crowd volume.

The ring face opens to reveal a football field — as some of the newer models often do. Golden Lombardi trophies rain down on the field like confetti and on the backside of the face, there’s the blueprint for the key Chiefs play-call that won the game in overtime: “Tom & Jerry.”

Finally, you have each opponent and score from the 2024 playoff run — which is where the error appears to have occurred.

Not long after the new addition was revealed, the Chiefs posted all four of their franchise’s Super Bowl rings side-by-side on social media.