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Rico Bosco is the pseudonym of a popular blogging personality for Barstool Sports who was suspended after being accused of throwing a High Noon can in the office. Video captured part of the confrontation between Bosco and “Big T,” another Barstool Sports personality.

Dave Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports, a sarcastic sports and entertainment humor site. He confirmed the suspension on Twitter, referring to Bosco’s Twitter handle and writing, “The @Return_Of_RB ruling is in.

1. 1 month suspension effective immediately
2. Court ordered anger management therapy
3. Apology to Big T
4. Zero tolerance policy moving forward.”

Portnoy noted, “I am also launching an investigation on how internal league footage was leaked before I saw it.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Video Shows Big T Claiming Rico ‘Threw a Full High Noon Can Over Here’

According to The Sun, Rico Bosco’s real name is James Villani, and he’s “a popular blogging personality on Barstool Sports.” In 2016, Barstool Sports’ “El Presidente” (Portnoy) wrote,

Well Rico has been a reoccurring character on Barstool for the better part of 2 years. He is our resident gambling expert. He joined Big Cat and I on our college football gambling podcasts every week. He is a lover of fine food, fine movies and going to DJ’s in his car. He has a legion of followers known as Rico’s Riders who live and die with his every selection.

But he was back. Bosco’s blogging page on Barstool Sports says, “Rico Bo$co – #1 caller on terrestrial and satellite radio, co-host of Barstool Pick Em, co-host of Barstool Bench Mob, been with Barstool 3 presidencies. ‘Some things are bigger than sports.'” He has a following on Twitter.

Portnoy also shared this video on YouTube of part of the Bosco-Big T incident and wrote: “Meanwhile back at New York Hq all is well.”

The video’s headline says, “Rico Bosco immediately suspended from Barstool Sports after clashing with Big T.”

“What happened Big T?” a man asks in the video, which contains graphic language.

“This f****** psychopath threw a full High Noon can over here.. he threw it so hard. I could have had a serious brain injury,” Big T alleged.

Bosco then charged at him, raising his voice. “This one is going through your f****** face,” he said in the video, hitting the desk.

In a Barstool Sports rundown video for January 11, 2022, the caption highlighted the incident, saying, “Rico Bosco and Big T Go to War.”

At about 15 minutes in, the hosts discussed what happened with Big T.

The host said, “You can’t do that. You have to be an adult in the office.”

“I didn’t say a word to him until he took a shot at me,” Big T said, appearing on the rundown. “I did nothing wrong.”

He added: “Did I know that he was going to turn around like Randy Johnson and whip a full High Noon can at me? No. It’s insane behavior. Like he’s not like haha funny crazy. He’s like needs to be in a facility crazy. Like, that’s not acceptable behavior anywhere in society.”

Portnoy Tweeted a Video Saying, ‘We Just Can’t Have It’

Along with his tweet announcing Bosco’s punishment, Portnoy tweeted a video statement. Portnoy has 2.7 million followers on his Twitter page.

“Ok real quick here…the Rico Bosco incident,” said Portnoy as he sat on an airplane on his way to Florida.

He said he was the commissioner, jury, judge and executioner, when it comes to what he called the attack on Big T. “It’s a serious thing; yeah we can laugh because Rico‘s a psycho, but we can’t have that in the office. We just can’t have it,” Portnoy said.

He then listed the “punishment.”

Bosco is banned from all Bartsool Sports activities during the suspension. “No part in any of them,” said Portnoy.

“If he threatens any violence ever again,” he waved his hand to indicate Bosco would be out. “No ifs, ands, buts about it.”

Concluded Portnoy: “That is the court’s decision, and it is final… can’t have it. Can’t win with it. Can’t win with it.”

Portnoy also tweeted this satirical take on the situation.

In November 2021, Portnoy was accused of sexual misconduct but denied the claims.

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Philip Wyman
Philip Wyman
1 year ago

His real name is Terrence Mayrose, not James Villani