Conor McGregor Is Adamant Grudge Match Will Happen: ‘We Must Fight’

Conor McGregor

Getty Conor McGregor

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has unfinished business with Nate Diaz. And he intends to settle it.

McGregor appeared on “The MMA Hour” this Wednesday to discuss his time filming the upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” as well as his eventual Octagon return. According to the Irishman, the UFC pushed to have Diaz on the show as a coach opposite McGregor, which would have then led to the foes’ trilogy match. But, with Diaz leaving the promotion and his apparent disinterest in the opportunity, McGregor said Michael Chandler was slotted in instead.

The filming for the UFC’s long-running reality television series has wrapped filming, and it’s set to begin airing on May 30 via ESPN and ESPN+. McGregor and Chandler will fight later this year, but a date and venue haven’t been announced.

Still, McGregor is adamant that he and Diaz will settle their 1-1 score at some point.

“‘The Ultimate Fighter’ just kind of presented itself,” McGregor said. “It was originally to be against Nate. It was me versus Nate. So, I did not mind who it was against, to be honest. Nor do I mind who I compete against — that’s widely known.

“So, I had agreed to it. It was Nate, it was like a day or two before. Now it’s Chandler, so I’m not sure what went down on that end. It was me versus Chandler, and that’s it. I’ve got no problem with it. I’m happy with it and it’s going to be a good bout, for sure.”

When asked by host Ariel Helwani if he was disappointed that it wasn’t Diaz who he was matched up with, McGregor responded bluntly: “No.”

“I’ll get that again,” McGregor continued. “That trilogy will happen at some stage, for sure.”

McGregor Said He & Diaz ‘Must Fight’

Helwani then pointed out that Diaz was no longer on the UFC roster. But, McGregor said Diaz was in talks with the promotion about filming “The Ultimate Fighter” even though he didn’t have an active contract.

“Notorious” called Diaz’s negotiations with the UFC “politics,” and he continued: “We must fight. We’re one apiece. It’s a great rivalry and it was a great fight. So, we gotta square that away, for sure.”

“Am I a person not to get the fights made and done and happen?” McGregor said. “Look at all the fights I’ve had. When I say it, it happens. I have a load of bouts left in me. And a lot of stories [are] incomplete. And I’m excited to continue on and get them done.”

McGregor Called UFC the ‘Pinnacle,’ Said He Has 2 Fights Left on His Contract

Diaz last competed inside the Octagon in September as the UFC 279 headlining act and he left the cage that night with a victory after tapping out Tony Ferguson with a guillotine choke. The bout was the last of his UFC deal, and he became a free agent.

During his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan during the broadcast, Diaz said that he wanted to try his hands at other combat sports, specifically boxing. But for McGregor, he plans on remaining with the promotion for the rest of his combat career.

“For me, the UFC is [the] pinnacle,” McGregor said. “It’s the company I love. I wish to be with this company for the rest of my career. So, I’ve got two fights left on my contract, and I hope we can continue.”

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