Iconic Rival of UFC Superstar Conor McGregor Reveals Drunk ‘Notorious’ Antics

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Getty Conor McGregor plays to the camera before his featherweight title fight against Jose Aldo.

UFC superstar Jose Aldo reported a hilarious story about the antics of a drunk Conor McGregor.

Aldo is widely regarded as one of the best mixed martial artists of all time. He joined the UFC as its first featherweight champion after the merger with WEC, where he was the last titleholder at 145 pounds. ‘Junior’ went on a sensational decade-long run from Nov. 2005 to Dec. 2015, remaining undefeated for over a decade, racking up an insane 18-fight win steak.

Coming off a frustrating loss to Merab Dvalishvili at UFC 278 last month, the Brazilian veteran announced his retirement under two weeks ago after 18 years of professional competition.

Former two-division champion McGregor shared a fierce rivalry with Aldo. After months of trash-talking, the Irish icon finally got the chance to settle his disputes with Aldo inside the octagon.

In a recent appearance on the Brazilian podcast Connect Cast, Aldo talked about his relationship with his ex-foe McGregor. He revealed a hilarious McGregor story where he received drunk messages from him.

“It was funny because the guy drinks a lot,” Aldo said. “He drinks a lot. F**k yeah, he probably even likes to drink gasoline,” Aldo started. “Bro, he would call our private jet completely drunk, just talking s**t. F**k, it was so funny. He’s a good person. Because he does understand the other side. He understands the other person. But he’s a guy with vision.”

Aldo Opened Up About the Tough Loss to McGregor

There was a heated buildup for their first matchup that ultimately did not happen as Aldo was forced to pull out due to a rib injury. UFC president Dana White backed the two stars with more resources in marketing than ever before, going around the globe for a multi-country promotional tour.

After the bout slipped through the first time, McGregor got paired with Aldo again for UFC 194. McGregor elevated his star power on the night by finishing Aldo in just 13 seconds, earning the fastest knockout in the history of the promotion.

Aldo opened up about the hard loss that snapped his decade-long unbeaten run.

“It was his merit,” he said. “I was going in, and, like it or not he has more reach than me. He had throw a 1-2 already that I dodged very quick and answered very quick and he got spooked. I said ‘now it’s time to go in Mike Tyson style, brother.’ When I went in, straight away everything was spinning. I was like, ‘f**k.’”

Aldo Wanted the Rematch

When asked if he wanted a rematch, ‘The King of Rio’ responded in the affirmative. He spoke freely about the mental damage from the loss.

“That’s what I wanted. That demotivated me a lot I can tell you that bothered me a lot. Mentally (the worst moment for me) yes.”

Following McGregor’s win, Aldo got upset with the promotion for not giving him another fight with ‘The Notorious,’ which he expected at UFC 205. He even asked to be released from his contract as he did not get the title shot after beating Frankie Edgar.

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