Conor McGregor: ‘He Went To a Knee’

Conor McGregor

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UFC superstar Conor McGregor revealed on Tuesday that he believes his name should be the one listed in the UFC’s record book for having scored the most total knockdowns in a UFC title fight. McGregor revealed the information to a fan via social media in response to some praise about McGregor’s performance back in 2016 against Eddie Alvarez.

McGregor posted, “Strangely this knockdown, the 4th of 5 in this bout, wasn’t scored a knockdown. Yet he went to a knee. 3 point of contact = knockdown! With this scored, I would have not only the record for ‘Fastest KO in a UFC title fight’, I’d have the record for ‘Most Knockdowns’ in one too.”

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McGregor Became First UFC ‘Champ Champ’ at UFC 205

McGregor defeated Alvarez via second-round TKO in the main event of UFC 205.

McGregor, the reigning UFC featherweight champion, defeated UFC lightweight champion Alvarez to become the first UFC fighter in history to simultaneously hold two UFC championships at the same time.

Since McGregor pulled off the stunning feat, only three other fighters have made it onto the UFC’s “champ champ” list.

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McGregor’s Other Accomplishments and Records

Even without the knockdown record, McGregor has accumulated plenty of other major accomplishments and records.

McGregor posted, “Fastest KO in a UFC title fight. Most knockdowns in a UFC title fight. Featherweight belt. Lightweight belt. Champ Champ.”

Additionally, McGregor has sold more UFC pay-per-views than any other fighter ever.

UFC Middleweight  Champ Holds Record

According to UFC Record Book, Israel Adesanya holds the record for scoring the most knockdowns in a single UFC title fight at four.

Adesanya set that record at UFC 236 against Kelvin Gastelum.

While McGregor did appear to score five knockdowns against Alvarez back in 2016, the official UFC stats for the bout only counted three of them because the other two instances were Alvarez going down to one knee.

McGregor also complained about not being listed as the record-holder last year via social media.

McGregor posted, “Wait, what? The @ufc did what? That’s twice now! I want plaques before I’m back. Digital plaques shall do. Hurry up @ufc, I’ll be here. And use a good image.”

But McGregor also suggested his near-fall against Max Holloway back in 2013 shouldn’t be counted as a knockdown either.

McGregor posted, “No. I fully ruptured my left ACL the round before this. The kick almost has me put weight onto that left leg. With no stability in it, I jump to the right leg, ending in a type of pistol squat, to save any weight being put on the ruptured leg, which would’ve caused it to crumble.”

McGregor went on to define specifically what he thinks should be ruled a knockdown.

McGregor posted, “3 points of contact to the ground, caused by a strike to the head/body. The 4th knockdown in the Eddie fight wasn’t officially scored. Neither was the khabib overhand. Both of them were knockdowns though. I’ll take that one to get my “Most Knockdowns in a UFC title fight” record. ”

McGregor’s Next Fight

McGregor is headed into a rematch against Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier at the beginning of next year.

UFC president Dana White confirmed over the weekend the fight was “done” and that McGregor vs. Poirier 2 would happen on January 23 at 155 pounds.

McGregor also intends on facing Manny Pacquiao in a boxing match sometime next year.

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