Conor McGregor Says He’s ‘Upset’ at Himself for Roasting UFC Star

Conor McGregor

Getty Conor McGregor

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor appears to regret blasting Tony Ferguson a few weekends ago.

On Thursday, McGregor shared that he was “upset” with the way he went at the lightweight after “El Cucuy” was knocked out by a vicious head kick at UFC 274 courtesy of Michael Chandler.

McGregor also turned his attention to Twitter and the proposed $43 billion dollar offer Elon Musk has put forward to purchase the social media platform.

“I’m upset I went at tony like that,” McGregor tweeted on the night of May 19. “Out straight. Wtf team, this is not a nice app nor does it encourage nice behavior toward each other. 43bn, man pull that and say ‘sike’ who give a f***, really. No one. Dip to a dip on the ship. The carry the toys ship. Leave a beast a beast.”

Conor McGregor

TwitterConor McGregor’s tweet from May 19, 2022.

After UFC 274, McGregor shared a slew of tweets likening Ferguson’s face to a chicken nugget.

“Tony had some great nuggets in the media build up,” one of McGregor’s now-deleted tweets read. “Then he got punt kicked to the chin and got turned into a nugget himself. That’s crazy.”

Along with a zoomed-in photo of Ferguson’s face right when Chandler’s foot landed, another of the Irishman’s tweets read: “If you pulled that out of a McDonald’s bag you’d dip it in sauce and eat without a moments thought. No doubt. That would pass as a legit @McDonalds chicken nugget. That’s Crazy!”

McGregor’s jabs elicited a response from Ferguson a few days later, who tweeted: “Ahhh There’s my b****. Next time tag me p****. Comin’ after you & ur crew. McNugget stays with you fake, can’t take what not your ya anymore thief. Still got no sauce & no balls McNuggets. I’ll see you & your crew soon comin after your gold leprechaun-Champ aka El Savvy -CSO-”

Ferguson Called McGregor ‘Mentally Weak’ in a Recent Interview

El Cucuy was a guest on “Submission Radio” earlier this week, and during the interview, he fired back at McGregor.

“A lot of things he does, it just has to say something about his character,” Ferguson said via The Daily Mail. “It’s just to taunt people, it’s mentally weak. It’s like when you use a GameGenie and you’re able to win fast, you don’t really have fun anymore. He’s trying to enjoy everybody’s else stuff.

“The dude was riding my bike on his run trail. He was even kicking the pole, it was the most ridiculous stuff,” El Cucuy continued.

Ferguson Said He Wasn’t Legally Allowed to Fight McGregor

Ferguson was represented by Paradigm Sports until 2019, Bloody Elbow reported. McGregor is also a Paradigm Sports athlete, though it’s unclear if the Irishman has a percentage of ownership in the company.

According to El Cucuy, he believes he wasn’t legally allowed to fight McGregor while he was signed to the agency.

“There’s a Miller-Ayala act that says an active agent is not allowed to compete in the same sport as the person you’re representing,” Ferguson said during the “Submission Radio” interview via “I would ask my management if he [McGregor] was the owner of the company. They kept straight up lying to me. They lied to me alot… Everyone else is telling me he is, but they’re telling me he isnt… There’s a lot of things going on and some people are probably gonna get called to court.”

After McGregor tweeted that he was “upset” about his Ferguson barbs, he then posted a photo of himself along with Paradigm Sports founder Audie Attar, writing: “Paradigm Sports.”

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