UFC’s Dana White: ‘Neither One of These Guys Can Fight’

UFC President Dana White


UFC president Dana White ripped into Logan and Jake Paul again during a recent interview and declared that neither of the novice professional boxers “can fight”. White talked about the YouTubers during a recent interview on the “Shout!” podcast in which he was asked about the Paul brothers and their recent exploits in the world of combat sports.

“The answer to that question is who gives a s***? Neither one of these guys can fight,” White said on the podcast per MMA Fighting. “It’s all a big gimmick. Like I said at a press conference, there’s a market for that. If people are dumb enough to spend their money watching that s***, I don’t know what to tell you. Good luck to them.”

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Paul Brothers in Fight World

Despite White’s declaration, Logan Paul already has a special exhibition boxing bout lined up against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The elder Paul is 0-1 as a professional boxer but will enter the fight with around a 40-pound weight advantage.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul is trying to grab the same kind of fight against UFC superstar Conor McGregor to no avail. While White and plenty of other UFC celebrities have cracked back at the younger Paul brother over his many wild antics, McGregor has remained silent.

Regardless, White isn’t interested in Paul facing any of his UFC superstars.

“I could care less…,” White said. “I get it. He’s trying to make some money and doing his thing, and [there are] people out there who want to spend their money on that. I’m not that guy.”

So while Logan Paul is headed into a megafight boxing match against Mayweather on February 20, don’t expect Jake Paul to be doing the same thing against an active UFC fighter anytime soon.

That’s especially true for the UFC’s biggest superstar.

In fact, it doesn’t appear McGregor has any plans at all to even respond to Paul’s call-outs, at least not in a public manner.

White Issues Warning

Meanwhile, White again joked how easy a time UFC women’s bantamweight and featherweight champion Amanda Nunes would have with Jake Paul should he continue his line of pursuit and somehow end up inside a boxing ring with her.

“Amanda Nunes will knock that kid out,” White said. “To even think about that guy fighting, he’s like ‘I’m never going to fight a woman.’ You shouldn’t because she’ll put you in a coma.”

Paul dismissed the idea of facing Nunes the first time White suggested it, and instead appears to be focusing his efforts on the likes of McGregor, retired champion Michael Bisping and even retired ONE Championship and Bellator champ Ben Askren.

Still, some believe Paul is simply drumming up interest in his career by linking himself to those kinds of fighters and that he’ll actually end up facing fellow YouTuber KSI next.

Indeed, both are novice professionals and it would make more sense for one another than legit combats sports stars decades into their career.

But White warned the Paul brothers, particularly Jake, about trolling UFC fighters on social media because he might end up running into these people once the pandemic is over.

“He’s talking smack about real people,” White said. “Real people that he could run into at a restaurant some night and things like that. This isn’t a real guy. This is just some kid on YouTube.”

As discussed during the latest Heavy on UFC live stream, Jake Paul could indeed someday find himself standing face-to-face with one or both of the Diaz brothers, Nick and Nate Diaz.

How might that moment go? It’s at least worth pondering.

Come to think of it, maybe it’s already been considered. After all, Paul did just announce he’s moving out of California, where the Diaz brothers live and train, to the other side of the United States.

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