Logan Paul Responds to Superstar’s Warning: ‘F*** You!’

Logan Paul


YouTuber Logan Paul responded to the recent warning sent to him by boxing superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. The 25-year-old American told The Night Shift Gaming’s Mike Majlak that the world’s top pound-for-pound boxer today was just jealous of Paul. Additionally, Paul bashed Alvarez for past failed drug tests.

“Yeah, I think he’s the guy who got caught using steroids twice. You wanna talk about ‘disrespecting boxing’, let’s talk about a guy who didn’t play by the rules. F*** you!” Paul said.

Canelo tested positive for trace amounts of clenbuterol ahead of his 2018 fight against Gennadiy Golovkin. It was a huge controversy in the sport, but Alvarez has maintained his innocence since those tests.

But Paul mostly seems upset with Alvarez saying he and his brother, Jake Paul, are disrespecting the sport of boxing.

When asked about the Paul brothers by TMZ Sports last week, Alvarez said he would love to invite them “for a sparring session” so he could teach them “what’s it’s all about”.

Alvarez said, “This is a very risky sport, and if you go up there, it’s very risky.”

In the YouTuber’s interview about those remarks, Logan Paul pointed out that Alvarez’s only loss as a pro boxer came to Floyd Mayweather back in 2013 and that perhaps Alvarez is jealous that Paul is facing Mayweather next over him.

“I think he’s salty because I get a chance to beat Mayweather and he lost to him. It’s his one loss,” Paul said.

“I get the shot that he failed to do.”

Mayweather vs. Paul is a special exhibition bout scheduled for Saturday, February 20, 2021 at a venue to be named.

The bout will be streamed live on pay-per-view via Fanmio.

Jake Paul has been attempting to lure UFC superstar Conor McGregor into the same type of fight.

So far, he’s been unsuccessful, but Paul claims to have $50 million for McGregor if the Irishman accepts the fight.

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Paul: ‘It Pisses Me Off’

Paul explained why he doesn’t believe he and his brother are disrespecting the sport.

In the YouTuber’s mind, Paul and his younger brother have taken their professional boxing careers very seriously.

In fact, Paul said it was actually Alvarez who was disrespecting Paul.

“It pisses me off. Jake and I are putting in the work, the actual work. We’re outworking professional boxers. We’re outworking these people. We go hard…we dedicated our lives to it… to say we’re disrespecting the sport, I feel like I’m being disrespected. Especially because it’s coming from some guy who quite literally disrespected, spit on the ethics, of the sport,” Paul said.

Paul is 0-1 as a professional boxer but has trained for three years in the sport overall.

In total, Paul has two fights on his record. He went 0-1 as an amateur fighter and the same as a professional.

Both fights were against the same opponent, fellow YouTuber KSI.

Paul Brothers Take Training Seriously

“It upsets me,” Paul said.

Anyone who has seen any of the training videos, or even fights, in which Paul has participated can attest to Paul having put in some serious work at the gym.

Both Paul brothers throw straight punches and know the importance of footwork, so it’s obvious the two celebrities have logged large amounts of time training. Those things don’t happen naturally.

So Paul seems kind of hurt to be dissed by Alvarez.

“Here’s what’s tricky, dog. I f***ing love Canelo. It’s Canelo Alvarez, dog! He’s the greatest boxer in the sport right now,” Paul said.

Paul believes Alvarez either hasn’t noticed any of his hard work or doesn’t care.

“Just because we’re attempting to do something and put on a great show and putting in the work doesn’t mean you have to s*** on us,” Paul said.

How Would Paul Feel With Roles Reversed?

When asked how Paul would feel about someone coming into his YouTube world in the same manner that Paul has entered the world of professional boxing, Paul explained he would welcome the newcomer.

“I don’t know what it is that people feel threatened by newcomers who are willing, actively and enthusiastically participating and putting in the work,” Paul said.

Then, Paul paid his respects to Alvarez for his place in boxing today and even said he admitted he had admired Alvarez for his boxing ability.

“It’s disrespectful to me, when a GOAT, a person I look up to a lot in Canelo, says I’m disrespecting the sport…,” Paul said.

How Paul Sees Mayweather Bout

Finally, Paul said he was taking his exhibition bout against Mayweather seriously, too.

“I’m going to approach that fight with respect. He’s one of the greatest boxers alive. He’s 50-0. He’s the GOAT. I’m not going to pretend like he isn’t,” Paul said.

Still, Paul said he’s heading into the ring with the idea that he’ll win the fight.

“I’ll tell him I’m going to kick his a** to his face and talk s*** to his face, but it’s going to be in fun, fight-game, respect type of way,” Paul said.

Paul plans to hype his big fight against Mayweather so people buy it on pay-per-view, but he also says everything that comes out of his mouth is what he truly believes.

“Yeah, I’m trying to sell a fight, but I’m also trying to win a fight,” Paul said.

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