Logan Paul Doesn’t Know Rules for Superfight

Logan Paul


YouTuber Logan Paul doesn’t even know what rules are supposed to be in place for his upcoming boxing exhibition bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr. next month. That stunning bit of information was revealed by one of Paul’s sparring partners in a recent interview with MyBettingSites.co.uk.

“Floyd Mayweather is keeping people guessing about rule changes until the last minute, we don’t know what to expect,” Paul’s cruiserweight sparring partner Angel Lozano said.

Lozano painted a less-than-stellar picture of the upcoming Fanmio boxing pay-per-view event. In fact, Lozano’s comments about Mayweather vs. Paul imply the whole thing is a hot mess right now.

“The team discussed the size of gloves before, they really don’t know what to expect from this guy Floyd. Floyd Mayweather is that type of guy to keep people guessing to the last minute then he’s going to start making moves,” Lozano said.

Heck, Paul doesn’t even know if there’s a weight limit for the fight.

“I think Logan will weigh around 190-195 pounds in the ring and Floyd will come in around 160, but who knows there could be a weight limit because no way Floyd will want him to come in that heavy. Floyd won’t want him to use [his weight] as an advantage and put on a lot of muscle and lean as much weight as he can on him; they are just waiting to see what happens,” Lozano said.

Mayweather has never competed in any weight class above boxing’s 154-pound junior middleweight division. Paul is essentially a cruiserweight.

Is Mayweather vs. Paul Postponed?

Of course, all this comes on the heels of last week’s various reports that suggested Mayweather vs. Paul would be postponed.

First, MMA Island’s Donagh Corby claimed to have been told by one of Paul’s coaches, Kelvin Moore, that the fight was being rescheduled to a later date.

Later, Boxing247 reported the reason Mayweather vs. Paul was being pushed back was due to a “distinct lack of interest” in the event.

Paul later did his best to debunk those claims, particularly the specific narrative that no one was interested in the fight.

“There hasn’t been a fight that’s made this much noise [for] the whole year,” Paul said per Mike Majlak. “Bro, just releasing this s*** went viral as f***.”

You can watch Paul’s full explanation below. Curiously, Paul didn’t dispute the date was going to be changed.

Paul: ‘It’s Still Going to Happen’

During his interview with Majlak, the 25-year-old American stopped short of talking about when Mayweather vs. Paul might actually take place and focused soley on the idea that the fight is still going to happen.

“It’s still going to happen,” Paul said.

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Mayweather hasn’t commented on the matter, and fans on social media have noticed for a while now that the 43-year-old American had removed the Fanmio link for the event from his social media profiles.

While Fanmio does still list February 20 as the date for the Mayweather vs. Paul pay-per-view bout, there does seem to be some hangups around the event happening.

With the new revelation out today about the two sides not even agreeing on a general set of rules for the fight, it seems there are plenty of things to sort through before the promoters for the event can move forward.

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