UFC Star Paddy Pimblett Responds to Jake Paul’s Fight Challenge

Paddy Pimblett

Getty Paddy Pimblett

English UFC star Paddy Pimblett is willing to box Jake Paul in a sparring match, but it must be on his terms.

“The Problem Child” challenged Pimblett to a five-round sparring match in boxing after the Englishman accused the YouTuber-turned-boxer of fight fixing. Paul earned a unanimous decision win over former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in October. But, “The Baddy” said on MOLA Pub Talk that he had seen an alternate camera angle of Paul’s eighth-round knockdown of “The Spider,” and according to Pimblett, Paul’s punch “didn’t even hit” Silva, leading him to believe the fighters were co-conspirators in a fixing scheme.

Well, Pimblett’s words didn’t sit well with Paul. Taking to Twitter on November 29, The Problem Child called out Pimblett, and he included stakes.

“Ah, poor Paddy Pimblett,” Paul said. “I was really wanting to like you. I really was. You’ve got a cute, little thing going for you, man. But then you come out and say my fight against Anderson Silva was rigged. I’m sick and tired of this narrative. It’s pathetic, it’s stupid. You’re disrespecting the own GOAT of your own sport. You’re saying that Anderson Silva is a criminal. You’re saying he’s a fraud. You’re saying that Viacom, one of the biggest media companies in the world, is doing criminal stuff. That’s what you’re saying. It’s stupid, it’s pathetic.

“But, I have a proposition for you. Since you wouldn’t rig a fight, right? Let’s spar. Fly to Puerto Rico — I’ll get you a private jet. We can do five, three-minute rounds boxing. If you win, I’ll give you $1 million, which is what you deserve to get paid, Paddy. You know it, but the UFC is not paying you that. You deserve to get paid more. But, if I win, you have to join the United Fighters Association and help me sign up all the fighters in the UK.

“So let’s spar. Since you wouldn’t rig a fight — I’ll fly you out, a million for you. Put your money where your mouth is. Let’s go.”

Pimblett Accepted Paul’s Sparring Challenge, But Wants to Do It in Las Vegas as He Fights at UFC 282

Pimblett will make his next walk to the Octagon on December 10 when he battles Jared Gordon in the co-main event of UFC 282. And considering the fight takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, Pimblett said to TMZ that he wasn’t willing to fly out to Puerto Rico to meet Paul’s demand.

But, if Paul meets him in Las Vegas after his lightweight contest with Gordon, Pimblett will oblige.

“Of course, but I’m under contract by the UFC,” Pimblett said when asked if he was interested in the sparring match. “And he said this knowing full well that I’m fighting next week. As if he does not know I’m fighting next week, and he’s like, ‘I’ll fly you to Puerto Rico.’ Come to the PI (UFC Performance Institute) next week. Come to the PI next week, bring $1 million in a bag, and I will spar with you.

“I’m in the PI in Vegas on Thursday. I land on Thursday, so even though I’m low on calories, and I’m only about 170, he likes picking on smaller people anyway. But if he wants to wait until after me fight, until the Monday, because I’m still in Vegas until the Tuesday, when I’m about 185, 190 pounds, I’m game. Tell him not to worry. He can come to PI and we’ll get in the cage. Simple as.”

Paul Is Adamant Pimblett Comes to Puerto Rico, Offers January Date

Paul heard Pimblett’s response, and he countered with a different offer.

“Fella my team told me you have been trying to book me for ur podcast, Jan 5th,” Paul tweeted. “So I’m sending you a jet to bring you to Puerto Rico. Both of our teams will film. We spar, 5 rounds and then we can do your podcast. By then you will be back to your normal weight. No excuses.”

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