PHOTO: Rex Ryan’s Hot Tattoo of His Wife in a Mark Sanchez Jersey

rex ryan tattoo photo mark sanchez

Rex Ryan, the fat f*ck blowhard Jets coach who just steered his train wreck team to a 6-10 record, is recovering from the steaming turd of a season with a vacation in the Bahamas. But Rex’s great escape turned into a media frenzy when an eagle-eyed paparazzo zoomed in on the shirtless slob and snapped a shocker on the coach’s right bingo wing.

The tattoo — possibly inspired by the work of artist Robert Ullman — apparently features Rex’s wife, Michelle, wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey.

The same Michelle who was embroiled in Rex’s foot fetish scandal. And the same Sanchez who gave everyone interceptions for Christmas this year.

rex ryan tattoo michelle ryan

Does this help explain why woeful Sanchez got an extension last year? Looks like he’s the one giving Rex an “extension,” if you know what we mean. Heyo!

rex ryan tattoo photo michelle ryan mark sanchez

rex ryan tattoo photo daily news cover mark sanchez

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