Two Brothers Win Kansas Lottery, Celebrate by Blowing Up Their House

Two brothers win lottery blow up house Wichita Kansas $75000 lottery win.

This is the house where the incident happened at 155 North Nevada Court in Wichita, Kansas.

Police in Wichita are blaming an explosion in a house that occurred on the west side of the city Friday night on two celebrating brothers, reports The Wichita Eagle. The brothers are believed to have been celebrating a $75,000 Kansas State Lottery win.

The pair were partying with weed and meth, authorities say. One of the brothers went into the kitchen to refuel their butane lighters in order to light their bongs and get the party started. The pilot light of their furnace ignited the butane when vapor from the lighter fluid reached the pilot, creating a “big boom” according to Mary Jewett, who shares the duplex with the unnamed Cheech and Chong.

Two brothers win lottery blow up house Wichita Kansas $75000 lottery win

One of the bumbling brothers was admitted to the hospital over the weekend with second-degree burns to his hands and chest. He was released on Monday. The other brother was booked by local police on drug charges, the hospitalized brother will face similar charges. reports that one of the winners was wearing an official Kansas Lottery T-shirt at the time of the incident.

Jewett added that the explosion …

…took care of that celebration real fast, I guess.

The boom reportedly shook the entire house. The victim’s girlfriend reportedly drove the car that got the injured brother to Via Christi Hospital, seven miles from the house. According to reports there were also children in the house at the time of the incident.

According to, the only $75,000 winner this year was Anthony Amato of Wichita, pictured below with his mother, Cynthia Cote, receiving the check last Friday.

Two brothers win lottery blow up house Wichita Kansas $75,000 lottery win.

In the official media release from Kansas Lottery it states that Amato will split the money with his mother. It also states that he works at a Sonic drive-thru and intends to buy a car with his half of the money. Amato says:

I had to show my coworkers my ticket before they believed I’d won, my mom was just getting off work when I called her. She asked me 20 questions about my win. She was worried I might have looked at the ticket wrong…
, which also reported on the story, accompanied its reporting with his image:

Two brothers win lottery blow up house Wichita Kansas $75,000 lottery win

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