Shayanna Jenkins: 14 Photos of Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee


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I live were the trial is held. I can tell you that he will be found guilty! can’t wait to see his face. Joint venture, Doesn’t matter who pulled the trigger.He has no defence. NONE!!! HE never even claims that he wasn”t there. He has given no alibi. He is done!! We are not dumb like people in Florida. We know one plus one equels two. If I were her I would have already drained all bank accounts and kept the money. But she is a dumb hood rat. Loser no job no Schooling. She never even tried to better her self. I guess my taxes will be paying for your food stamps!!!! There both the blind leading the blind. IDIOTS. YOU REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN!!! I am so sorry to Odin Lloyds family. I am sorry Closing arguements are tommorow. Can”t Wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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