Jonathan Denver Murder Suspect; Michael Montgomery: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael Montgomery Murder Suspect, Michael Montgomery Jonathan Denver, Jonathan Denver Murder Suspect.


Michael Montgomery of Lodi, California, 21, has been arrested on suspicion killing 24-year-old Jonathan Denver in San Francisco just after the LA Dodgers/San Francisco Giants game, reports

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Denver Was Stabbed to Death on Wednesday Night

Police in San Francisco have said that an altercation broke out between two groups of men after the Giants beat the Dodgers 6-4 at AT&T Park in San Francisco. At some point a knife was pulled and 24-year-old Jonathan Denver was stabbed and died later in hospital.

Police said that Denver, who was with his brother and father, had been wearing Los Angeles Dodger clothing at the time of the attack. He had attended the game with his family.

Montgomery was booked into San Francisco Jail.

Jonathan Denver, Dodgers Fan Killed by Giants Fans: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jonathan Denver was walking with his father and brother when he was attacked by a group San Francisco Giants fans.

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2. His Father Says His Son Acted in Self-Defense

Michael Montgomery Murder Suspect, Michael Montgomery Jonathan Denver, Jonathan Denver Murder Suspect.


His father, Marty Montgomery, says that his son acted in self-defense. Accord to the dad of the accused man, the slain man, Denver, yelled “Giants Suck!” At one of Montgomery’s friends who was wearing a Giants’ hat. Then, according to Michael Montgomery, Denver assaulted one of Montgomery’s friends without warning. Marty Montgomery told The Lodi News:

It was a self-defense deal, (Michael) got jumped. (Denver and friends) started swinging chairs and he stabbed (Denver). (Denver) mouthed off about the San Francisco hat. It wasn’t even (Michael’s) hat. If they didn’t have the hat, they probably never would have been in this situation

Michael Montgomery’s father said he first heard from his son after he’d been arrested, Marty Montgomery said his son called, sobbing, telling his dad how he’d watched Jonathan Denver die.

3. Despite Reports, Montgomery is Not a Major Baseball Fan

Michael Montgomery Murder Suspect, Michael Montgomery Jonathan Denver, Jonathan Denver Murder Suspect.


Michael Montgomery hadn’t been at the game like Denver, he’d been at a concert with his friends. According to reports he’s not even a big Giants fan. He encountered Denver and his family while Montgomery and friends were leaving a liquor store.

4. Montgomery is an Aspiring Electrician

According to Facebook page for Michael Montgomery, he graduated from Lodi Adult School in 2011 and was working at Cottage Bakery in Lodi. His father told The Lodi News that his son had been looking for work while ultimately hoping to become an electrician, which is also Marty Montgomery’s profession. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother, Victoria Montgomery.

5. Another Man Arrested in Relation Was Released from Custody

Another man who arrested charged in relation to Denver’s death has been released by San Francisco police. Police Chief Greg Suhr told reporters:

One of the suspects during the course of the interviews (with detectives) made incriminating statements that give us the indication that he will be the person booked for homicide. We’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do with the other suspect.

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