Sandy Hook School Demolition Begins: Construction Workers Sworn to Silence

Sandy Hook School Demolition, Sandy Hook School Construction Sworn to Secrecy, Sandy Hook School Hidden Demolition

The demolition of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has started today. According to Breitbart News, the First Selectwoman of West Hartford, Connecticut, Patricia Llodra has stated:

Small scale demo activity has begun and will accelerate over the next days … The process of demolition is incremental, staged precisely and executed carefully. There is no wrecking-ball action. It is rather a piece-by-piece, section-by-section removal.

Apparently, all of the demo work is being hidden from public view as to not glorify this event. There will be no photos of videos as the construction crew demolishes the building where 20 children and 6 staff members were killed last December.

As the demolition begins, the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office releases a statement on Facebook in regards to firearms:

Sandy Hook School Demolition, Sandy Hook School Construction Sworn to Secrecy, Sandy Hook School Hidden Demolition

Now back to the news surrounding the demolition … FOX News reports:

Newtown has accepted a $50 million state grant to raze the building and build a new school, expected to open by December 2016. Students have been attending classes in a neighboring town.

A former student from Sandy Hook, Allison Hornak, remembers the details of her old school to NPR News, having fond memories there:

The hallways all ran into one another and just formed this big loop,” Hornak says. “And when you were walking through, you’d see the inner courtyard and watching the seasons change in that courtyard … really stands out to me.

While almost every item from the site will be demolished, the News Times reports a couple things that will be saved:

The crews are checking the property for time capsules buried by past classes, and on Friday are expected to exhume the sandstone dinosaur tracks the state donated to the school decades ago. The flagpole is also expected to be salvaged.

Soon, the memorial will be all there is left as a reminder of the horrible Sandy Hook School Massacre …

ABC News gives details on the new school that will be constructed once the current structure is demolished:

The entrance to the new school, scheduled to open by December 2016, will be relocated so people won’t have to walk in front of a firehouse where anguished parents waited hours before learning their children were dead, the Los Angeles Times said. While most residents say they want the school removed, a parent whose son was a first-grader at Sandy Hook when the mass shooting erupted said he considered the demolition a final surrender to the 20-year-old shooter, whose name is rarely said out loud in Newtown.

In a recent development, the Associated Press is trying to get their hands on the 911 calls that were made from the school during the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre.

Sandy Hook School Demolition, Sandy Hook School Construction Sworn to Secrecy, Sandy Hook School Hidden Demolition


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