Wojciech Braszczok, Undercover NYPD Biker: All the Pics You Need to See


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In some way Wojciech Braszczok was living a double life and relishing it, unable in fact to now even distinguish between his real world duties and identity and now morphing into the character he had been brought on to unmask and expose.
In some way the cop had become so lost in his new clandestine operative that he lost touch with his real identity and took on a new one or rather was now living a kind of double life, able to do and be as he saw fit, fully knowing or at least anticipating that he was protected by his badge…


His charges were upgraded. you can also find unblurred pictures of his face on other sites. i hope the cartel kills this guy and some of his dirty cop buddies.


MichaelHuang  Regardless of how you feel about this undercover cop did, publishing pictures that are supposed to be him endangers anyone who looks like him.  Even the pixellated photos above will likely lead to people being harassed by others wondering if they knew this undercover officer / Occupy protestor / etc.
He could have altered (and likely would have altered) his appearance for what he supposedly did with Occupy, for the biker gang, and for anything else that he would have had reason to do so.  And even if he didn’t make a special effort to do that, how many people who are into public protests (or ride in bike gangs) dress and alter their appearance to look different to the world at large and similar, or so they’d like you to think, to others in their gang?
No one in the general pubic knows what he looks like now, and if and when he’s back on the street he will all the more have reason to change his appearence even further.

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