ISIS Mass Christian Beheading: Photos of Execution


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Ken Sears

These cowardly masked murderers are the feces of Satan on earth, wallowing in craven bloodlust and delusions of eternal glory to compensate for a fundamental self-loathing, a self-loathing born of their inadequacy and incapacity to cope with real life, real responsibility and real manhood. They wield their knives like phalluses, desperate to prove they are something more than the cancer on the face of God’s creation that they actually are.


ISIS knows EXACTLY what they are doing–following the teachings of Muhammad. ISIS is ISLAM — Muhammad did the same things as ISIS, Al Queda, Boco Haram and the Taliban are doing TODAY. Read the old Arabic hadiths, and the Sira, the offical biography of Muhammad. Watch: ISLAM is defined by Muhammad, including how to treat sex slaves. If you dare to watch the horrific beheadings of 21 Eyptians on the Libyan shoreline, you will see that ISIS’s next target is ROME, ITALY, just a few hundred miles away!!


Woah woah, slow down man

You’re copying and pasting the meat of most of your posts

Don’t try to be the next “’s PeaceFrog vs. Happy Qin Dynasties/Potatos/Finlands/ect.” with gratuitous spam and capital letters.

Continue to try and vary your posts and have an okay day :)


These men are the children of G-d, just like you and I. It breaks my heart to think of what this evil is doing to them

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