WATCH: Men in Orange Jumpsuits Execute ISIS With Shotguns

A video purportedly released by rival Islamist group Jaysh al-Islam shows the point blank, shotgun execution of Islamic State members dressed in black. The executioners are dressed in the infamous orange jumpsuits of ISIS.

The video is titled “Al-Qisas for the oppressed Mujahideen on the Khawarij” which roughly means “Retaliation for the oppressed Muhajideen on the Kharijites.” Kharijites is a term in Islam and refers to a defiant sect in the religion and one of the first that could be considered “extremist.”

Jaysh al-Islam calls ISIS “Kharijites.”

Jaysh Al-Islam currently holds Eastern Ghouta, which is located near Syria’s capital city of Damascus.

Last week, ISIS released a video of them beheading members of Jaysh al-Islam. You can watch that here.

If the above video gets pulled, you can view uncensored screenshots here.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.

PHOTOS: ISIS Destroys Ancient Palmyra Statues

The Islamic State has released photos of them destroying 4,000 year-old artifacts in Palmyra, Syria, an ancient Roman city and UNESCO world heritage site.

Click here to read more

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  1. We must destroy the Islamic state. We must destroy the “Daesh” “sowing discord” “destroying something under their feet”
    Without the financial support ISIS would not have a weapon.

    Who really is behind this genocide, we are witnessing?

    Who do you think will give you a weapon this criminal organization and in whose interest is the escalation of terror? Who is responsible for the extinction of millions of lives in regions where this is rampant criminal and gang murderers strongly supported by brief ISIS?

    Are the activities of ISIS have something in common such countries the United States, Israel, Turkey, Russia? What role the organization plays in the global high finance? Who really supports this gang of murderers?

    ISIS is not just a matter of Muslims. ISIS is a matter for the entire world and should be definitively completed.
    It is essential to cut off the supply of weapons to the militias and the responsibility of the great powers and world finance is the destruction solution, which was developed and is developing more and more, staggering ever wider circles.

  2. Two things stand out to me in this video: 1. Though they are only going to be shot in the head, these ISIS captives look much more afraid to face their fate than any prisoners that ISIS has tortured to death looked before they died. I think this proves that ISIS is filled merely with sadistic cowards. They can only be “tough” when passing judgment on others, not when facing their own death. Obviously, ISIS has no intentions of doing Islam any favors, as they’ve only managed to defame Islam to the point that most people around the world simply want Islam, as a religion, stamped out. It’s the only sane response to the videos ISIS puts out. They can give food to the poor, but it’s obvious that when ISIS is in charge, all freedom of choice is gone, and the miserable people suffering under their regime do what ISIS wants not because of any desire to please Allah, but merely because they don’t wish to be brutally murdered by ISIS. 2. If you are wondering why the ISIS prisoners in this video are wearing chains, but the captives that ISIS executes don’t wear chains, it’s because ISIS starves their captives of both food and sleep for days before they murder them, so their captives are too weak and exhausted to fight back. The prisoners of ISIS suffer this living torture for days before they are ultimately tortured to death. Chances are also high that every one of those prisoners were told they would receive an even worse fate if they resisted.

    Clearly this group that killed the ISIS prisoners is a much more humane group, one that better demonstrates the true meaning of Islam.


  3. Make no mistake. These are not western friendly freedumb fighters. They are probably Al-Qaeda or some other group that has seen the damage ISIS fanaticism has caused to Sunnis. and is willing to do something about it. I’ll be happy to see them do well.

  4. It’s about material problems, lack of jobs, lack of respect, weak loosers ect. It’s not about religion and faith of Allah’s children.

  5. seriously this saga is going too far world leaders should come together and put up measures to eradicate this problem. let’s stop christian and Muslim chastisement and find a solution

  6. And into HELL their souls shall remain and of the same fate awaits them over and over and over again for all eternity. They should have cut off their heads. Blowing off their heads was too quick and easy. May all of them rot in HELL!!!! All i saw were faces of DAMNED men whom deserved no mercy.

    • No, we should not cut off their heads, just take them out like dogs. One shot is all their worth. If we cut off their heads, how would we be any different
      than Isis?

  7. you are cowards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are not men, you are filth. God the true god not the pussy allah or however you spell pussy in Arabic would never condone these despicable acts of cowardice. You are less than woman, less than infidels. You are the dog shit under my shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I didn’t believe violent behaviour could be solved with violent behaviour… but what other option is honestly left? There shouldn’t be any peace or happy feelings found in any of this though. Most of us ARE average Joes. We sit, watching the news, hoping thinge will solve themselves. Knowing they won’t. People die. On both sides of any war, or battle. If fighting is all that’s left, just remember we’re all human. We all have families at stake. Including I.S.I.S members. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that well… My country is going to shit. With people being sissies because they were ‘offended’, children are being raised spoiled expecting everything to be handed to them, taxes are to high, the rich are getting richer were as the poor are so broke they can’t afford insurance and yet they have to pay more taxes for not having it.They’re trying to take away our guns. Because ‘Guns kill people. Yet no one has tried to ban cars for people drunk driving. This place is CRAP. BUT! It is home … I wouldn’t want to live any where else.. And honestly, I’ll be damned if this group tries to dominate my home completely and take what little freedom we have left!

  9. I must say that Isis is a real threat to society as a whole.I personally would like to line up 50 or so Islamic soldiers and give them a taste of their own medicine!