WATCH: ISIS Executes Man by Running Him Over With Tank

warning graphic content

A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows an alleged soldier with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) being run over by a tank driven by an ISIS militant. The video was released on October 24, 2015, and is titled “And If You Punish [An Enemy, Oh Believers], Punish With An Equivalent Of That With Which You Were Harmed.” It is stated to have been filmed in “Wilayat Homs”, or “State of Homs”, an ISIS-occupied region of Syria.

In the video, the alleged SAA soldier, who is allegiant to President Bashar al-Assad, is shown being interviewed by ISIS while dressed in an orange jumpsuit. According to ISIS, the man “confessed” to having run over dead bodies of Islamic State fighters with tanks. The footage then jumps to the man, shackled with a tank driving at him. He jumps in front of the tank track, perhaps to expedite his execution.

Al-Qaeda Offers $3.2 Million Bounty to Kill Bashar Al-Assad

In the latest English issue of the al-Qaeda in Syria magazine Al-Risala by the al-Nusra Front, a 3-million euro bounty is offered for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the man killed was Fadi Amr al-Zaydan, 19, from the village of Sian in northern Latakia, Syria.

Later social media trends seems to confirm al-Zaydan’s identity, with various tributes shared online celebrating the murdered man’s life.

The full video is available above. Viewer discretion is advised. You can read more about this ISIS news in Spanish at

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WATCH: ISIS Executes 4 ‘Spies’ in ‘Al-Furat’, Syria

A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows four men accused of spying against ISIS being executed near the Euphrates River in Syria.

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VER: ISIS Atropella a un Hombre con un Tanque [Video]

Un nuevo vídeo de ISIS muestra cuando un hombre es atropellado por un tanque.

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    • No. People’s misconceptions and misinterpretations of religion. These people (in some disgusted delusional sense) think what they are doing is what their religion is telling them to do. the religion then gets blamed for the disgusting cowards committing these foul acts. They are killing people and doing these heinous things and using “religion” as a scapegoat. The religion is not to blame. The people are.

      • Religion is no less than delusion.
        Actually, it’s an excuse for holding on to delusions.
        Religion is what glorifies beliefs and faith. No doubt about it.
        They are doing that they believe is right, and if belief is not to be questioned, then what they are doing is not to be questioned.

        “Religion” is exactly the idea that beliefs are not to be questioned, and also that “the good book” is the ultimate truth and morality. Not to be questioned.
        You can find a whole lot of violent and pointless laws and orders in both the Qur’an and the Bible.

        Accept them as non-questionable ultimate truth, and you have a great argument for what we can see here.

        • lol So, uh, tell us about your favorite sports team and how every other team and its fans are but a joke. Tell us how much you adore your fave pop idol. Tells us how you proudly protect your pop god’s videos from negative comments over at YouTube with insults and death wishes. Show us the autographs and gifts your idols send you for being their most faithful jihadi fanatic out there…
          Tell us how you will beat senseless anyone who doesn’t share your opinions, which are the only real true ones.. Tell us how you’d do it for peace and love. Heap it on…..

      • Have you studied Islam and mohammed? They are doing exactly the kinds of things their prophet did. Mohammed was a warlord who, after the battle of the trench, attacked a farm town and killed all the men and pubescent boys. Then look up his treaty at Mecca and what happened there. Read some f**king history.

        • same way joshua, destroyed the city of jericho for no reason other than Isrealites wanting to take their land, they massacred women, and children

    • So you have the solutions to everything. we just all must be like you. But, uh, what if we decide you aren’t a pop star we need to emulate? What if we decide you look unattractive, are bored and boring, have no talents or skills or charisma? Are you going to get angry? Surely not?

    • End religion? Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. What needs to be ended is ISIS
      and other terrorist. Then senseless murder would be gone.

  1. Isis, muj, whatever you call yourself currently. I’m going to come for you. Pray to Allah that your death is quick cause it will be my mission that it is not. You are a pathetic parasite that needs to be squished like a roach.

    • no brother all the muslim are not terrorist, but afew of people who are fighting in syria in the name islam. actually terrorist have no any relegion

    • Islam is not responsible for this …the people who are enemies of islam made such a violent org to distrack people from islam ..islam donot even let tu burn a live insect … Curse on isis

    • Islam is most peaceful religion and spreading in world at top rate mostly in uk and usa but
      This org isis was made to blame islam for killings..they just use quran verses changing their
      Real meanings demands and theme

    • not all u dhead what makes you say that ISIS aren’t muslims dude christians and muslims and judaism are the same they both came from god, they both have the same holy book but in different languages, God is gonna punish you for what you said

  2. Oh my gosh that was so teriable I can’t even imagine what was going through that man’s head as his legs were crushed.

    • Me either. I can’t begin to fathom the pain of having my feet crushed, then legs, then entire pelvis, then abdominal organs, ribs/heart/lungs……head……..
      My god..

      • I am so sad that we have this to contend with. That poor man was so young and had so much life ahead. To die like that; and the poor people who have been burned alive, it is time to end this carnage by ending Islam. The appeasers and deniers will be the ruination of freedom and peace if we do not put a stop to this. All religion is a threat to our harmony, but Islam is the current “bad boy” who need to be eliminated. No such thing as a moderate Muslim. They are all a threat to our democracy, harmony and safety. I will join any army that is hell bent on saving our way of life. I will oppose any that is for preserving these scumbags.

  3. If these cowards think that murder and death will encourage change then they have less intellect than a worm pondering the magnificence of the Crab Nebula and the reason it occurred to begin with. The God of Israel is whom the Christians worship and that is not Allah. Allah is the enemy of Christians and therefore the enemy of God which means Allah is the opposite of God. What a failure of logic to fail that intelligence test or history lesson. Christians do not murder because they believe that everyone should find their salvation with fear and trembling. Not everyone is going to heaven and the 70 virgins idea is a myth not a legend because good works and bad works are for reward. Judgement will be about whom made the right choice to live with God or not. ISIS cannot change the future or bring about the end because that is not their choice to make. Daesh are murderers alone with blood lust in their hearts and minds. They glory in death and destruction. They celebrate evil ways with victory cries, child rape, gang rape, mass murders as their spiritual father instructs them and those who have read the witness statements from 2000 years ago will know who their spiritual father is by name: Lucius in Latin, Allah in Arabic and Lucifer in English.

    “Greater love has no man than he that lays down his life for a friend.”

    May the deaths of those at the hands of these murderers be recognised as martyrs for love and friendship of the world’s nations.

    • islam does not permit killing of even single innocent person, isis is fighting for money not for islam, islam is the relegion of peace now one can easily differentiate the islam and these people. brothers please don’t consider all the muslim as terrorist. see dr zakir naik’s videos about islam spreading, he does not force for accepting islam but just preaches islam.

      • Qu’ran says:
        4: 89: And they wish that you should disbelieve like they have, then you will be equal; so take them not as your friends until they migrate in the Path of Allah. And if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or helper.

        Nothing says love your neighbour as yourself like that verse from the Qu’ran.

  4. Dear public
    From Jeff l realize we take allot for granite but,my father drummed it into my head ww1 was a duty sense yet ww2 was after what saw from dads buddies who exposed me to fact the Jews suffered oh ya.The facts are there the french suffered yet 1 of there party denies the extermination of the Jews fact or lie bounce that type government out of french there country .The issue stop fighting or why repeat pointing a figure to convince both sides are right yes 1 might yet is it worth the unlivable end for both side nukes

  5. Islam is only religion in which man has to work and women has to
    Rule in home,eat,take care of children…in islam if you die your heritage will
    Be distributed according to distribution rules told in quran among bros sis mother father wife etc
    How muslims can be so cruel???if a non.muslim is living in muslim country he has his rights respect and
    If some one only slap him islam give him right to take revenge …means islam and muslims are peace
    Yhis shit isis is blaming islam to distrack people

  6. You know, I’m not a hardcore conspiracy nut and I’m not going to go out on a limb and speculate the who and why here, but just looking at this video something doesn’t sit right.

    Point 1: multiple camera angles. Yes, I know ISIS is supposed to be very sophisticated and media savvy, but the way this plays out is just a bit too convenient.

    Point 2: The victim. He doesn’t so much try to jump or fall out of the way as hop around impotently. It looks really fishy. Even if I had AKs pointed at me, being in his position I’d have risked trying to fall to one side and crawl away.

    Point 3: The editing. The multiple camera angles come into play at key points in the video such as:
    a. The moment when he gets knocked over
    b. The moment when the tread passes over his body
    c. The moment when the tank clears the body
    Never once do we see the entire sequence from hopping around to lying dead on the pavement in a full, uncut, side-elevation; it’s mostly from tricky angles like from the front (where false perspective can be employed) and from the rear far side.

    Point 4: The body. The aftermath looks pretty convincing (though nothing a good SFX guy couldn’t whip up with a few photo references), except for one crucial fact: a tank tread generates a hell of a lot of pressure, especially when it moves from foot to head. By the time the blood and brain matter exit the head, they’d be under considerable pressure and you’d have a distinctive splatter pattern in most cases (look up images of heads crushed by tanks online if you don’t believe me). This doesn’t show that; it shows a vague puddle of blood.

    My conclusion is that this video *could be* a hoax. I can’t say it is because that would require further proof, but there are a lot of things about it that don’t look right if it’s not a staged gore show produced with sophisticated Hollywood practical effects and clever editing. The way the editing cuts together and the slightly “off” look of the body really raise my suspicions here.

  7. I say religion is the root of all evil!!
    More deaths in a single day from religion than all other causes of death in the world put togeather…… sad and also someone being religiouse is a SURE sign of A WEAK MINDED INDIVIDUAL. only someone with a weak mind can belieive in a fantasy……


  9. Video was split before the man was run over followed by a blurred segment with a dummy. Notice his hands are tied then untied then tied. If I were being run over by a tank I’d go head first.

  10. Interesting, the tank actually turned on top of the body and yet the body retained its full thickness? Can you spell bullshit!

  11. And people wonder why Moslems are hated worldwide…they do not even have the status of human. Disgusting. Islamophobia is a word that should not exist. Any fears or disdain for these lower forms of life is fully justified.