Nevada Democratic Convention: The Videos You Need to See

The Nevada Democratic Convention turned into a huge protest after Sanders’ supporters felt that their voice was denied over and over again. It all started out early in the morning, when temporary convention rules were passed despite the vote not having the required clear majority. You can see that moment in the video above. To learn about everything that happened at the Convention itself, please see our story here.

But things got worse from there, culminating in a moment at the end of the night when delegates motioned for a recount, but then their motion was denied before they even had a chance to say “nay”:

You can see the best videos from the Convention below, including all the archived full-replay videos from a livestream of the entire Nevada Democratic Convention.

Here are the videos you need to see:

Videos of the Protests

The motion at the beginning of the day was for a recount so that the temporary rules would not be turned into permanent convention rules. According to the person who made the motion: “I am asking you to have a recount. 9:30 was too soon for a preliminary vote. The petitions did not get to everyone.”

But Roberta Lange, the Nevada State Democratic chair, took a vocal vote, asking for ayes or nays. Although there was not a clear majority for either side, she declared that a majority had voted to approve the new rules:

“The ruling by the chair is not debatable. It cannot be challenged, and I rule the rules have passed…”

After her decision, protests erupted as delegates and supporters demanded a recount:

But after Sanders delegates began demanding a recount, the lights were turned off and the sound way turned up in the room:

Later, Nina Turner, Ohio state senator, gave an inspiring speech to Sanders’ supporters:

And Robert Kern, an attorney who has represented several Sanders supporters, had a lot to say about what happened. You can see it in the video below:

Were Bernie Sanders Supporters Violent at the Nevada Convention?

Nevada delegates say Sanders supporters were not violent at the convention. But violence was aimed at Bernie in January, when gunshots may have targeted him.

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Full Video Replays from the Nevada Democratic Convention

Jason Llanes was at the convention all day on Saturday, livestreaming everything that happened on Periscope. His livestreams are being archived on YouTube and you can watch them all below, in the order they were uploaded. His Periscope account, if you want to follow him, is here.

Other groups were livestreaming the Convention too. GrassrootsForSanders also had Periscope footage that you can watch here. And SensesTaker had periscope footage during the convention here.

To learn more about what happened in Nevada, please see:

Nevada Democratic Convention: Stories of Voter Suppression

Bernie supporters' motion for a delegate recount was denied without a vote at the Nevada Democratic Convention. Here's why they're now seeking lawyers.

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Did Bernie Sanders Win Nevada? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Clark County Democratic convention flipped Nevada from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders after a day of delegate confusion and arrests. See videos here.

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    • Why is the oligarchy and its minions afraid of the citizenry, so afraid they have to defy and steal elections. No one wants to take away what they have amassed. All that is needed is for them to pay taxes instead of hiding them in off shore accts. Is that to much patriotism to ask? What more could they possibly want; our medicare, social security, indentured servitude? How vile is greed? Ignoring legal process and calling out squadrons of police is inviting physical revolution. No one favors physical revolution but it is inherent. America was founded on it.

  1. What has our government come too? This is so upsetting. I will not vote for Hillary as she represents this corruption. I will vote.

    • How exactly is this Sanders or his supporters fault? Maybe Hillary and the corrupt establishment she represents stealing the election has something to do with it?

    • Are you paid to do that or just totally hoodwinked? Thank Hillary and her ignorant and crooked supporters for destroying this country. Bernie is our ONLY chance. You are totally duped if you think otherwise.

      • bernie is not your only choice. but i must say its convenient how with all the smoke and mirrors it’s easy to single out an individual as a beacon of hope.

        politics is not the answer to the problem our species and homeworld face.

        the reason sanders-bearnie looks like the only hope, is that the other folk are the problem; he isn’t the solution but he’s not the problem.

    • Hey BernieBro, why don’t you comment under your real name instead of pretending to be a woman? We know you are a closet Republican who wants to vote for Trump using lame excuses like “Anti-Establishment”. The truth is that Sanders has been part of the establishment for 40+ years every since he was elected a mayor. Hillary is as anti-establishment as one can be: she is a woman aiming to do what no woman has done before: break the President Boys Club. Sanders and his Bernie Bros are nothing but sore-loser bullies. Women of America have become more and more upset by his nasty and sexist campaign over the past 6 months. Hillary has received 3 MILLION more total votes than Bernie. In a democracy, the person who has more votes wins. That’s Hillary. Bernie and his bros shouldn’t be allowed to steal the nomination and bully the party.


      • How is that stupid ? we are a Federal presidential constitutional republic Government. . I just do not like when people say we are a democracy , we never have been. That is why voting for a individual is so important. It is the only choice we really have, except in some local settings. Hillary represents the established government. It is not about male or female. She is a part of what is established. Bernie has been trying to change the government towards a more progressive popular view. I agree we should have a female president as many countries have beat us to this but Hillary is not the right person regardless or male or female.

  2. And over at daily kos the Hillary throngs (or paid shills, who knows) are calling Bernie supporters “sore losers” and claiming these events did not happen. I’m sure video wont change their minds…but will change the minds of people who may have voted for Hillary in the general. The DNC is afraid of and hostile to Sanders, so much so they are blatantly cheating on video. The commenters over there are all about how in closed primary states, HRC has won, so she has it in the bag. Well, that’s 28% of the population. Republicans will vote Trump and progressive Dems and independents will stay home or write in someone else–how exactly is she going to beat trump? And every obnoxious comment, condescension or dismissal by these loyal (free or paid) Hill supporter is alienating more people every day. A losing strategy (unless they are planning to steal the general, which would explain why this strategy is the status quo…

  3. Despicably false anti-Hillary propaganda from Bernie Bros. Sanders supporters are nothing but Trump supporters in disguise.

    • stop pretending to be stupid-or maybe you are not pretending-idk—-but HILLARY WILL STEAL THE NOMINATION-that is when we all move over to TRUMP he +100 times better than HILLARY-she wants WAR and lots of it-she wants POLICE STATE RULES-witness the end of the meeting=POLICE STATE-she wants MORE of our jobs shipped overseas-and TO HELL WITH US COAL MINERS! she slipped the tongue—–she thinks we are white trash-then tried to backpedal ROFL!

  4. What didn’t happen is the real question. The chair started voting on her own rules before the convention even began, ruled against the majority every time, ignored motions on the floor, and ran the gavel making her own motion, seconded her own motion and adjourned the convention when we had the majority and a motion for revote. Then she ran off stage and a wall of cops ushered in and threaten to arrest us all.

    This is aside from 64 Bernie delegates being purged and having to go before the credentials committee and another 50-60 who were denied entry before 10am. While all those delegates were fighting for their rights to vote, the chair announced Hillary won by 31 votes (about 10 hours earlier than the results were announced at county). Then ignored all motions and any challenge to the results all day. For 17 hours they ignored us, called us extremists, anarchists, bullies and repeatedly threatened us. Said we were disrespectful for disagreeing and we need to fall in line.

    We were harassed. I was yelled at, booed and hissed, and physically intimidated by Hillary supporters every time I had to pass their section to go to the bathroom. I spent two hours with metro as a witness to a physical assault on a Bernie campaign staffer by a Hillary delegate. She was attacked from behind while we were volunteering. It was bananas.

    There’s so much more, and I can assure it was all disgusting. It was a fascist display of corruption and a blatant violation of our human and civil rights.

  5. These are the idiots that are going to ruin America. If not already. Enjoy your doubled national debt, I know my children will.

  6. ALL our eyes are open now. We see the corruption in the Democratic party. My family and friends and I will not be voting for HRC and we will be talking about a new party. I am not a very active member but am seeing who my party really is.

  7. This convention is supposed to be run per order of Roberts Rules of Order. The Rules are there to keep order and run a fair and proper meeting . Its sad to see when the chairperson clearly fails to do her job .She needs to do the job even if she feels the vote is not the way she wants it to go . This is not democracy .

  8. Please make sure those videos are archived on the Internet Archive also. They have a better chance of surviving there.